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Nisant art
Expression is key in the world of Art
Expression is key in the world of Art


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+Diniz Chico posted this fantastic image of a figure devoured by water.

Artist : Pnina Osguthorpe 

more work can be found at

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Water is clear, but not as clear as my conscious,
Clear as the morning sky in a mind so spotless,
Eternal sunshine through a ring of flames,
Held close to my mind like an artist I frame,
Defined jaw lines against bright moon shine,
Slow tides find the gap between the moon and sky...

Clear waters from mountains so high,
Clear waters fall down till I die.

Thank you again to the people on here who inspire me.

+Shamna Rasheed 

Enjoy :)

Pnina Osguthorpe

Transparent watercolors on paper, yupo or silk
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Nice post by +Diniz Chico 

Photography by Anna C

Whenever I come across flamingo images and anything to do with flamingoes, I think about this documentary I once watched called : The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos (2008).

She once was my flamingo with pink torn feathers,
She survived the cold winds and harsh toned weathers,
Thinned and scaled down, brawn and so clever,
Away she flew in silence, forever.....forever.

- Nisant 

+Shamna Rasheed 

All the artist's out there continue inspiring...
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Nice post of "Danger" by +Brian Dukes

Focus on the danger which is presented before us,
Passing it is stranger since the path is unknown,
Distance is irrelevant, since there is no place to go,
Only birds of prey, thread on the river slow,
Walk the route of danger or else you will never know..

- Nisant

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A step back can often lead to a positive step forward. Enter the realm of lateral thinking and un-balanced wary when approaching a corner full of obstacles..for your next move made be crucial at this delicate junction...

(Image sourced from the internet : nebula)

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Post by +Diniz Chico 

A great collection of sculptures by the artist Josep Sanchez Carrasco (

Structures of containment...refrained by nature..
Helplessly holding on to the stone for expression...
Bringing simple forms together with a hint of suppression..
Bodily gestures are soft and vivid...
sculpted with thoughts which are so timid..

Thanks again for all the great posts

+Diniz Chico 
+tiger lao 
+Tanja Jeremic 

Keep them up!
Sculptures by Josep Sanchez Carrasco
Josep Sanchez Carrasco (12 fotos)
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Julianna Barwick - Flown (The Magic Place)

Brilliant Song by Jullianna Barwick (the magic place)

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A collection of powerful digital manipulation work by artist -

Pierre-Alain D (
+Pierre-Alain D. /// 3mmi Design 

Post by : +Fernando Castilla 

Structures that | Openly resist or refuse to obey:
Contrast of colours leaving islands in dismay,
Into the fray we search for hope and glory,
possessed by the mind and becomes a story...

PIERRE ALAIN (7 fotos)
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A dark brown to black pigment occurring in the hair, skin, and iris of the eye in people and animals.

JJ Doom - Winter Blues

"Melanin on melanin
Your dude need to recharge off your velvet skin
Make 'em feel like, like twelve again
Soon as you give the green light I'm delvin' in..."
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Salvador Dali - Battle of Tetuan | 1962 | Collection David Nahonad Milan

I have a book called "Dali" by Ramon Gomez de la Serna which I often refer to for some inspiration, Dali truly was a genius.

If you are a fan of Dali I would recommend a film called "Little Ashes" (

+Shamna Rasheed 
+Diniz Chico 
+tiger lao 
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Great post by +Diniz Chico 

Fantastic work by a Digital Art / 3-Dimensional Artist Kazuhiko Nakamura 

more can be found @

Shapes that form the face and light up the iris,
Transformation from black and gold seems so vibrant,
Empty spaces between powerful figures close to their element,
The structure of head over heels contributes to whats relevant,
The pressure between a loaded gun and umbrella,
Both point behind the object of the seller...

- Nisantart
Digital Art / 3-Dimensional Art

Kazuhiko Nakamura
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