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Have the 7.0 nougat. keyboard is not opening in Word. Also has been very glitchy and hesitating when posting on line or apps connected to the internet. It may be my connections. I don't know. Posting here was fine.

Hey, I went to download 4.1 then got an error message from the Playstore that it couldn't download because I have the app already. I checked the change log and I have 4.0. If I uninstall and reinstall will I get 4.1?

Minor but nonetheless annoying. I've been having a lot if word capitalization problems. I have the latest download. It continuously capitalizes "He's" even in the middle of a sentence. I even added "he's" to dictionary and still does it. There is no option of "he's" provided in predictive text. Only "hes".

Apparently I use that phrase a lot because I have to repeatedly correct it since the last upgrade. Please correct in the next upgrade. Bizarre random glitch, yes, I know

There is still an annoying problem with random capitalization. It seems the board is programmed to decide which words are proper nouns and goes into overkill.

Yeah someone's last name can be Read, but I used in as a verb, read. Yes Lady can refer to a title, but I'm using the word as a noun.

It's bad enough with many boards that auto correct, you have to go back and make corrections, but correcting capitalization you don't want is aggravating.

I have the very, very latest update. First one after my bug reporting helped, but it was still there, but less often. The most recent has not completely solved the problem. Sorry

Downloaded the update and the problems with random capitalization and acronyms seems to have resolved, but I can't sign into gmail to restore purchases. The botton isn't active.

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Still having problems with capializing words and random acronyms. How do I attach the video I created? It's too large for email.

I'm Diet (sorry) but since the last update certain words are randomly capitalizing. Just like the typo "diet" in the previous sentence. Why would that word capitalize within the sentence? I have the very latest download. This had been happening since the last major update.

Also getting some weird capitalized acronyms that I've never used when I attempt to spell a word with a certain combination of letters: UUP when I try "up", as one example. It's not in my dictionary so I can't delete it. Not sure what's causing this.

I like the new board design but it's a little unstable. Getting several messages that it has stopped working. Haven't reported it, just clicking ok.

The other thing, I'm a little confused as to when certain features will automatically popup. The numbers disappear when I need them. The emoji popup when I don't need it and t
the "," comes and goes when I need it in a sentence.

Do I need to reset preferences???

Okay I figured out how to get back into settings. I hope this update resolves some issues with accuracy. It had really been deteriorating and i find myself having to go back and correct every third word.
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