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Steve Akins
Marketing Strategist, Developer, Entrepreneur, Struggling Poet :), Gastronome, Explorer
Marketing Strategist, Developer, Entrepreneur, Struggling Poet :), Gastronome, Explorer


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STEAM not STEM: Why scientists need arts training

"Universities must train scientists to engage with the ethics of emerging technologies, rather than functioning as cogs in the engine of economic development. Integrating the arts into STEM can help."

by Richard Lachman

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How to See, And Block, All The Apps Tracking You on Facebook

A good time to clean up your data.

by Jim Edwards

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"Human-centered #AI is AI if the future, is AI for Good and is AI for All."

- Fei-Fei Li

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The Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Create

by H. James Wilson via Angel Shomita

"A global study finds several new categories of human jobs emerging, requiring skills and training that will take many companies by surprise."

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Cancer breakthrough? 97 percent of mice cured in Stanford vaccine study

by Ted Andersen, SFGATE

"Cancer Vaccine Found Effective in Mice Researchers just discovered a potential cure for cancer... The Stanford University study found that injecting immune-stimulating agents into solid tumors in mice can eliminate traces of the cancer in the animals. 'When we use these two agents together, we see the elimination of tumors all over the body.' Lead Researcher Ronald Levy According to the study, the technique works various cancers."

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How Do You Vote? 50 Million Google Images Give a Clue

Timnit Gebru led the research effort at Stanford University that analyzed 50 million images and location data from Google Street View

by Steve Lohr via Mariya Yao

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The Evolution of Trust in a Digital Economy

"The ultimate social impact of blockchain technology depends on who controls our digital identities"

by Natalie Smolenski, +Scientific American

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The Brains Of Jazz And Classical Musicians Respond Differently To Surprising Sounds

"Can creativity be taught? Not directly, perhaps. But if such a curriculum exists, it would train one's brain to regard unforeseen occurrences as potential springboards, rather than disturbing anomalies."

by Tom Jacobs

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Google’s Return to China Foretells a Global Race to Deliver AI

"With a new research center in Beijing, Google hopes to strengthen its global position in offering AI services through the cloud."

by Will Knight

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The Race for AR Glasses Starts Now

"The big players in tech, and some little ones too, are jockeying to own your field of vision.

"In the short run, we’re stuck with a landscape ruled by five behemoths ... These companies appear so powerful that it would be easy to miss how fragile their futures may be. A new technology platform always forces a new round of musical chairs as the companies that are the first to recognize it and build the tools to support it dominate a new wave. Augmented reality is that new platform."

by Steven Levy, +WIRED
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