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Is there a function to retrieve the statistical polynomial trend in Delphi ? I cannot find it.
Thank you +Lars Fosdal I just realised the comments were disabled :-(

I remember some time ago, Jeroen Wiert Pluimers posted a snippet of how to place a breakpoint directly in the Delphi source without relying on the F5 key.

Can anybody remind me the exact code?

Something strange happened to my IDE tonight. Most of the properties and Events in the DataModules in my project are lost at design time.
Even if I start a brand new project, add one empty form and an empty DataModule to the application, the properties are not there any longer.

I can't remember I have done anything in the IDE.
Do you know what happened ?

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I was looking at the Task example at the EMB wiki link below

and I don't understand the following part of the second Delphi example:

Label1.Text := lValue.ToString;

why is there the need to pass Label1.Text := lValue.ToString; as procedure in TThread.Synchronize ? Why not a simple Label1.Text := lValue.ToString; ?


I have an application that pulls some data from a service provider in JSON format.
The application makes several calls to the service provider; some calls are answered immediately but for some calls it may take a few minutes.
At the moment the application is processing the calls sequentially (single thread) but I want to improve the performance by processing the calls in multi thread mode.

As far as I can understand I have to submit a thread for each call, every thread will send the data request to the service provider independently and once received the answer will use the information to do all the actions that my application requires.
The threads will be independent from each other, I mean, I don't need one particular thread to finish before another.

This is the first time I work with multi threading and I was looking into the material available on the Internet but there are two things which are not clear to me yet.
Do I need to manage the "list of threads" that are running at the same time or do they free up when finished automatically ?
Can the same thread descendant class be created in multiple instances with the same variable ?

Many thanks

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A few days ago I was bitten by the too long IDE Library Path a few days ago. I fixed by using the Environment Variables but I was wondering if there is a better way to solve the issue.
I have found a comment here by David Heffernan but I don't know what he exactly refers to "Pointless to have these dirs in your path. I remove them all."
Does he refers to path that don't exist or ?

Can anybody help ? Maybe David directly.

p.s. on my side I was thinking to create a folder where to put all .DCUs. One place only.
This would shorten the Library Path on one side but on the other side I would not be able to find and remove the unusued .DCUs when no longer required.

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Hello Everybody,

I have an application developed in XE2 (Hot Fix 2 + IDE Fix Pack installed) that has started giving me the "out of memory" error message therefore I have to fix this in order to progress.
I Googled it and made sure my swap file is big enough but no joy. I have found some suggestion saying I should rename some .DLLs but I want to keep this as last resort.

In the end I found this article suggesting I should compile via MSBuild.
I also found this questions that helps me a bit but I don't understand if I can run this inside the IDE and how to do it or if I have to run from "DOS windows".

One last question. If I compile and run the application via MSBuild do I still have all the debug facilities in the IDE ?

Sorry for the multiple questions but this is something very new to me.

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When it comes to compare two strings and see how similar they are, what do you use ? Is there any class/component available ?

What do you use in your Delphi projects when it comes to do web scraping ?
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