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Theology Professor and Freelance Tech Writer
Theology Professor and Freelance Tech Writer

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This is a real quotation from a recent article in History and Theory (52.4, theme issue 52, 2013)

"The possibility that her serial milking (criminal activity) might actually affect the cows involved is, I will argue, critical to understanding the offense....It will attempt to think about a cow's experience of Elsing's milking because one explanation for the latter's imprisonment in the house of correction, I suggest, might involve an understanding of, and an acknowledgment of the significance of understanding, what it was like to be a cow being milked by a stranger in the early modern period (14-15)." 

I needed to laugh today. 

#galaxys5  is ugly. The back looks like the pattern of green foam that flowers come in. Or maybe that tack board I hang tools on in my garage. How is Samsung just so bad at design? 

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Anyone else notice the problem when these articles are compared? 

Today's Editorial:

2005 Editorial:

Whatever one thinks about the NYT, this is ridiculous. 

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It's interesting how almost every article on students the age I am currently teaching reaches different conclusions than the one before. Here is the latest example.

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Guess who this picture of a young Roger Ebert reminds me of? 
+Eric Finkenbiner +Mat Lee +Shane Brady +Joey Kelley +Jeremy Lesniak 

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I love how this is both a tongue-in-cheek shot both at Apple and Samsung. Nice work Google. Gotta love the blue. 

#Samsung - the newest vendor of useless software. Seriously, the GS4 presentation was terrible. No one will use a single one of those features. Hey guys, lets set up our 5 GS4's into 5.1 surround sound. Good idea Samsung. 

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If the price comes down, this may be my next computer. 

I have to say this Jelly Bean upgrade for my GS3 is pretty great. Google now is actually useful. Project butter also does smooth things out. 

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It astounds me that TheVerge posted this. But I have to say that Paul impresses me here both with a well-written argument and his courage. I know it's controversial, but nice work Paul. 
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