Tulsa Police taser pregnant women who refused to stop singing

Earlier on Thursday afternoon, Ms. Pauline Stuber thought she would enjoy a wonderful warm day and sing a happy tune, but instead found herself jarred with 50,000 volts of electricity. Tusla police state Ms. Stuber was refusing to comply with the local noise ordinance and eventually forced officers to subdue her.

"It was unfortunate that this occurred, as it always is", said Capt. Thomas Wargrove of the Tulsa Police Department. "But officers had to take control of the situation".

Capt. Wargrove later added that Ms. Stuber had two teenagers who were often getting into trouble. When asked if that had anything to do with the response to her refusal to stop singing, he stated that he would have no comment on that matter.

In other news, a gunman at the Tulsa County Courthouse aimed a gun at police who were forced to fire back. They eventually subdued the man without taking his life.

Below is an image of the stand off with the gunman and his subdueing, and is not an image of the aforementioned completely fictional tasering story.
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