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Testing a new tool that supposedly let's you find and attribute CC and other licensed images, this one burst into my mindspace. It reminds me of a very simplified version of how I visualize certain philosophical and "enlightenment" and ethics-of-consciousness problems - flowing chains of self-sustaining vortices. Pretty. Imagine what you see in this picture, but hundreds or thousands of those "chains", tightly wrapped almost like a solid, interlocking, and computing, calculating very large numbers of possible outcomes per millisecond.

Oh right - the tool - Photo Credit: <a href="">Idle Type</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>

Awww, too bad - not optimized for this kind of posting...

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Photos of the Same Place.

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Human minds are expanding into the infosphere, and the infosphere is expanding the capacity and complexity of human minds. Icons become 'handles' to operate many minds at once... behold an icon. 

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This gif of a prism splitting white light into a spectrum of colored visible wavelengths  will load a bit slowly, but, it is worth the wait.

Consider this a signifier, indicating one of the great puzzles.

apparent unity                                    apparent complexity
------------------------------     = / not=     ----------------------------------
apparent complexity                         apparent unity

The map is not the territory.
Animated Photo

Making this profile image, I had the thought - the beauty of the nautilus spiral is a consequence of the growing pains of the nautilus animal. #growth #biology #nautilus  

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Spiral Development
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