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life is short, eat dessert first.
life is short, eat dessert first.


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And now for your regularly scheduled #traveltuesday   #foodporn  
The best bolinhos de bacalhau in #rio 

And also, the 5 best Brazilian bar snacks you've never heard of…

#riodejaneiro   #food   #foodie   #brazil  

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I don't know why anyone hasn't done it yet, but I'm convinced that the person who starts selling açaí na tigela in the US (or anywhere outside of Brazil) is going to make a killing. At least, they'll make a killing off of me...

Check out our new #Brazil video about our Açaí - our favorite snack in #Rio 

And our blogpost with five fun facts about açaí - including which famous family supposedly brought it to Rio...

#foodiefriday #foodporn

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Just in time for your #traveltuesday   #happyhour - a new #riodejaneiro  video all about the national cocktail of #Brazil : the #caipirinha

Fun fact - #cachaça   (the liquor used for the caipirinha) is the 3rd most consumed liquor in the world...

More fascinating facts about cachaça:

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I am seriously crying inside that I can't eat this chocolate cake every day. Even the Tartine Devil's Food Cake pales in comparison to the Torta de Brigadeiro I had in #riodejaneiro ... #foodiefriday  

Also, five fascinating facts about the most popular candy in #brazil

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New episode for #traveltuesday  - going on a juice crawl through #riodejaneiro  and trying some of the crazy tropical fruits of #brazil  

And here's a bit of #tuesdaytrivia  for you - did you know that the cashew nut is attached to a fruit? Check it out and more in our blogpost on the 5 best fruits you've never heard of...

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Find out where the word "chopp" comes from and why Brazilians love foam on their #beer   in our latest firstbite video...

and if you or someone you know is going to #riodejaneiro   #brazil , check out our top botequim bar picks:

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new video for #foodiefriday ! i live by the rule that there's ALWAYS room for dessert. :) And especially these ones...

also check out our blogpost with the top five classic brazilian #desserts   -

#brazil   #riodejaneiro  

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a new +firstbite video for  #traveltuesday  - probably one of my favorite videos for #riodejaneiro  so far, definitely one of the most fun to film and eat!

also, check out the blogpost with five surprising things about Rio's street food:

#brazil   #travel   #foodie  

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New firstbite episode for #FoodieFriday! Feijoada may be my favorite Brazilian dish - I've tried it back in the states but it just doesn't compare to the rio-l thing ;)

and check out our blogpost with five food facts about feijoada -

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Finally ready to start sharing our new firstbite episodes! Expect new episodes 2x a week on Travel Tuesdays and Foodie Fridays...

Check out our latest episode on Brazilian Steakhouses (aka churrascarias) and our blog post:
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