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Just ordinary
I came into this world rather uneventful; as if I made this entrance a thousand times before. Even my eyes are like old woman’s eyes, experienced and sans spark. Kind of like; I’ve seen it all already. And I do feel like I’m over a lot of things quite often...

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There was this great topic about simple life
pleasures on the Amelie imdb page. Was. The topic was homage to Amelie’s
customs to enjoy little things about and in life ( video ) , with people posting their own
little pleasures, and I’ve found it quite heart-...

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Building a ladder
Iyanla told me to tell the truth about where I
am. To be honest; I’m a little lost. A little but just enough for it to feel
like a lot. I think that when it comes to being lost, you either are or you are
not. There is no place or need for adjectives. And if...
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