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Has anyone created a hex map for Hubris? I’ll probably do one myself if no one else has but if someone’s done it there’s no need to duplicate the work.

Road crew judges, when you have a problem player who other players are complaining about, how do you handle it?

Is it ok to kick someone out of your road crew game?

(Yes they’ve been talked to about their behavior.)

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I run a lot of public games in our local store. My games are primarily DCC or lately MCC. I find that when 5E players come to my table they act like they have a good time, they say they have a good time, but they almost never come back for a second game. I find more often that new players who don't know how the game works or returning players who have been out for 10+ years are the ones that tend to come back at least a few times.

It's hard to quantify what's keeping them from coming back since I never see them again. I had some 5E players at my table on Tuesday and they've said they were coming back next Tuesday so I suppose I could as them.
D&D Adaptation
D&D Adaptation
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I own a copy of Chained Coffin but haven't had a chance to read through anything but the funnel (which I have run). I see its listed as a level 5 adventure.

For anyone who has run Chained Coffin campaign did you just let your players start at level 5 and keep them there through the whole adventure? For anyone who has run it is there any advice or tips you would give?

If it matters any I also have 83.1 and 83.2

I'm thinking about running it as an ongoing campaign for my Road Crew games. We're almost done with the MCC modules and I'm looking for what comes next.

Do you make custom swag for your Road Crew games? What is it? Where do you get it?

I've run like 15 games so far this year and Goodman has run out of free stuff to send me. I'll be doing a Con at the beginning of October and I'd like to have some swag to maybe give to the players. It's an anime con so I'll be running 2 funnels looking for brand new to DCC or brand new to tabletop gamers.

I'll be running LotFP for the first time in less than a week. I've read through the rule book twice. I'll be running Tower of the Stargazer then transitioning into Maze of the Blue Medusa. I'm experienced in running other systems (both OSR and more modern).

Now the point of this post.

What advice would you give me?

What are some rules that are easy to overlook and/or forget?

What do you wish you had known or done differently the first time you ran?

A huge thank you in advance!

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I’ve neglected the old blog a little bit. I’m still running and playing as many games as I can fit into my schedule. However my work on Farm Crawl Classics has died down. I got stuck on the last class I wanted to do for it. The Holy Cow. Tonight I felt…
It’s Been A Minute
It’s Been A Minute
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Quick question, do the non-Kickstarter 4th printing books come with the fabric ribbon bookmarks?

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I'm interested in a set of Hugh's weird dice. I know they are difficult to find but I'm willing to pay a premium. If you have any you're willing to part with let me know how much.

I'm looking for a demonic, cosmic patron. Chaotic. I really don't want to have to make my own. Does anyone have any suggestions for already existing patrons that fit the bill?
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