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I'm your huckleberry
I'm your huckleberry

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$20 says he never paid his student loans

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Possibly worst breakfast ever
Denny's, big bear
Bacon cold, sausage dried out, broken egg yolks w/watery runny egg white

AVOID this place

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Milton's in Del Mar
Love the food but pay cash - their card reader is on the fritz and dinged my CC 3 times for the same meal

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Good beer (stone of course) decent eats and zippy connection; what more could I ask for?
Oh yeah, wait person is nice too!

Test Date: Apr 10, 2014 8:14 PM
Download: 22.71 Mbps
Upload: 0.52 Mbps
Ping: 71 ms
Connection Type: Cellular
Server: Los Angeles, CA
External IP:
Internal IP:
Latitude: 33.9400
Longitude: -118.1326


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Motorist beware, bullshit prices
Advertised price of 3.79 a gallon at shell if you buy a car wash.
The reality is the charge you 3.99 a gallon and deduct 20 cents a gallon towards the price of the car wash


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1 hour in line for donuts?
Hope it's worth it!
Dunkin donuts should offer a discount


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“capacity of discernment,” ?

WTF is wrong with Belgium?

Yeah baby, been waiting for this since the days of Zorn and fat bastard Patera

Good job!

Go mud ducks

Nighty night donks!
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