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Hmmm, iPad Mini or iPod Touch? Nah, Nexus 7 please!
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Thank You! I could not believe how Phil totally dissed the Nexus 7
Hey, if i didn't already use a Galaxy Tab 8.9 I'd probably buy one...just like many of the people I know :)
+Brian Bennett - I have a Galaxy Tab 7.7 Super Amoled HD Model, it is super cool with my custom ROM... But, I am looking forward to 29th Oct, Nexus 10....  +Wanda Horton  - That was one of the most Idiotic comparisons I have ever seen, It makes no sense you take anything into comparison..
Sadly I have an iPad 2 because of the educational apps. Unfortunately they are ahead in that area. But I would prefer the Nexus 7 instead.
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