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All things botanical.

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Earth Skills Walkabout at the Burton Homestead
Instructors: Co-taught by instructors from 4 Elements Earth Education & the HAALo Herb Shoppe: Rick Berry, Ramsey Demeter, Anna Werderitch, & Alanna Whitney
Date:  April 18
Time: 9:30am - 10:30am
Location: The Burton Homestead, 16200 Lake Vera Purdon Rd in Nevada City
Cost: $10

What plants from our local eco-system can be used for basic needs like shelter, fire, and medicine? In this introductory walkabout, take a journey though time at the Burton Homestead, and learn how ancient and modern people have used plants to meet their daily needs.

The Burton Homestead, just minutes from Nevada City, was once a Native Californian settlement and is now dedicated to environmental education through the Bear Yuba Land Trust. The Tsi Akim tribe has built traditional bark huts on site and uses Native practices to tend the land, and 4 Elements Earth Education has developed shelters and other educational features using traditional and modern technologies.

Join the HAALo Herb Shoppe and 4 Elements Earth Education for this unique introduction into wilderness living skills and botanical medicine in the Sierra Nevada Foothill region. The instructors will also answer questions about the upcoming Earth Skills Field Series, a deeper journey into these skills taking place at the Burton Homestead this summer.

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We have a great class schedule happening, with a range of offerings from spiritual to hands-on medicine making. Here's the class newsletter with all the links:

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During this all-ages workshop, you will learn about the anatomy and function of your most intimate parts.

You will master the skills to strengthen your muscles and leave with the tools to help keep yourself healthy for a lifetime.

Workshop topics include pregnancy, healthy bladder and bowel habits, how the pelvic floor can improve your sex life, back pain prevention, and more!

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This class will give an overview of
vibrational medicine
the crystalline matrix and,
vibrational treatments with Mineral Medicine.

Students will be given introductory knowledge of proper applications using the minerals and crystals in the human vibrational matrix. The resonance of the mineral and crystalline energies as a healing method will be discussed.

If time allows, the use of herbs in harmony with the minerals will be explored.

Sign up here:

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This class is an introduction to the history, uses, and possibilities of the incredible classification of herbs known as Adaptogens.

In this class we will explore what makes an herb an adaptogen, what adaptogens do for our bodies, and why adaptogens are the perfect herb for modern humans.

You will learn how you can model the function of adaptogens to relieve stress and increase your fitness, even when herbs are not available.

We will also explore the role an adaptogenic lifestyle could play in your personal and our collective evolution.

Sign up here:

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First Rain Farm is holding a series of classes so you can learn in a hands-on farm environment about planting, growing, harvesting and processing herbs.

Classes start this Sunday and go throughout the summer season so you can see the various stages.

Here's the update from Ashley for this Sunday: Boneset will be ready for harvest, as will Chamomile, and possibly oregano will also be harvested. After harvesting we will be spending time garbling Catnip, Motherwort, Wormwood, and Thyme. This will be a wonderful morning of getting to know some of our staple herbs!

Learn more details & sign up for classes online (registration limited to 8!). You can also sign up in the HAALo herb shoppe.

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Want to take your health and well-being into your own hands, but don't know where to start? This class if full of rich information so you can do just that. We will discuss why cleansing the bowel, kidneys, liver, and lymph is such a powerful tool in health maintenance and longevity.

We'll also discuss cleansing when dealing with chronic and deep seated healing situations. We will discuss the power of water therapy, vital nutrition, juicing, and positive attitude in achieving a state of vitality.

Finally, we will discuss the difference between whole food supplements and synthetic vitamins, and how to make your own green superfood and herbal formulas to assist cleansing, saving you financially!

Class fee includes materials. 

Class fee $30, Add $5 for at the door tickets.

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Join us as we discuss many ways to support healthy pregnancy. This class can be helpful during any stage of pregnancy, and also will be very helpful for those with future plans in mind. We will focus on the health of the mother and father prior to conception, and travel through pregnancy and the first few months postpartum.

Some topics covered include:
-To cleanse or not to cleanse
-Herbs and foods that support and nourish fertility
-Diet and supplements during pregnancy
-Herbs used traditionally to support birthing
-Where to birth,  and 
-How to nourish the entire family throughout all stages of this sacred cycle. 

Participants will leave with pages of herbal recipes and nourishing recipes. Per person or per couple tickets available.

Class fee $30 Individual, $45 per couple. Add $5 for at the door tickets.
Click here to pre-register and reserve your spot:

About the teacher: Penelope Sullivan
Penelope's background is as a certified family and nutritional herbalist as well as having a degree in Holistic Nutrition. Her joy is to empower individuals to address these issues and know what they can do to help themselves.
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