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Mick Winter
Lives in California's Napa Valley. Writes stuff.
Lives in California's Napa Valley. Writes stuff.


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Looks like a fascinating and important (particularly for Americans) book. Now on my To Read list.

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Since it's my own long-time site, I naturally recommend this. ;-)

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Excellent column on Putin by Deena Stryker

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Today is Veterans' Day. I am a vet. Please don't thank me for my service. I would prefer that you apologized to me and to all other veterans, and all those currently in the US military.

Apologize for allowing those wars to happen. And to continue. For Korea. For Vietnam. For Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iraq again. For Panama. For all of the various semi-secret adventures in Central America, Africa, Central Asia. All were unnecessary. All were tragic. All could have been stopped by the American people. So can the next one. But we didn't do it in the past, and we're not likely to do it in the future.

To all of my fellow veterans, past, present and future. I apologize.

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.I invite you to take a look at the website project I did for a Coursera class (Human-Computer Interaction).

 If you have the time and interest, please wander through the website (it's a prototype only - most of the actions are non-functional) and let me know if you think the concept is intriguing and something you'd be interested in. I'd appreciate hearing any pros and cons. Also...if you happen to know a programmer who'd like to volunteer to get involved in the project to make the website actually functional, please let me know. Thanks.
Here's the website:

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A brilliant analysis of the current global geopolitical situation, i.e. Declining Power Tries to Hang On, by Pepe Escobar

Interesting numbers...

3 = Number of countries that have not officially adopted the Celsius system (United States, Cayman Islands, Belize)

3 = Number of countries that have not officially adopted the metric system (United States, Liberia, Mynmar)

2 = Number of countries in United Nations that support the U.S. embargo of Cuba (United States, Israel)

1 = Number of countries that forbid its residents and citizens from visiting Cuba (United States)

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I cried too.
AMAZING!! i just saw this in the g+ film festival.

i cried. this is incredible!

this is from film maker, +Sharon Wright.

+Unofficial Google+ Film Festival
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