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I'm looking to do character info sheets for a larp that I can both edit either online or on my (android) phone but between events I can print out the sheets to use at the events. Ideally I also want it searchable by interest if I can.

I'm willing to pay a up to about $30 but free is better if possible.

It need to have the facility to print in my choice of font and give me at least some control over the layout.

It'll feature a photo of the player and also cover things like name, affiliated group, political interests, positions held, gods worshiped and etc

Does anyone have experience with any tools that hit these requirements? Maybe a writing tool or something for customer relationship management that I could hack?

We've got a car load of players going down as a family of Lost for the first event of cataclysm larp. Anyone else interested in joining our group to try it out?

Would these help protect your night vision around white light sources at night?

Not why I'm considering buying them, just something that occurred to me while shopping.

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For my friends interested in VR, this is one to watch out for.

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I got messaged about the results of our DT while at work...

I've read one to confirm it's as bad as we thought, can't bring myself to read the others.

I'll speak to the STs after the event about actual ramifications as none of the dynasty are at dark deeds.

Anyone playing Battlefleet Gothic: Armada? What do you think?

Also, can you play it in 1-2 hour chunks?

Turning over online roleplay ideas in my head again. I'm still in search for an easy access alternative to larping that players can pick up and play on demand while at home.
I think my best solution is a mush but the technology surely must have moved on since they were the best solution?
I want it to be realtime text chat rather than play by email/post. Rp should be limited to interacting with other people in the same shared space, so the ability to have "rooms" and means to move between them is a must.
It's got to support up to 30 or so players.
I'd prefer web based with no plug ins, which is the main turn off for a mush.
I'm not afraid to pay for it as long as it's sub £100.
I'll add as I thing of anything else.
Anyone got any sugestions for software/tools/sites I can use?

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This might be a great way for some of my NY larper friends to get a bargain.

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Anyone available?
Larp friends! Would anyone be available to add to npc numbers for a larp this Sunday at Edinburgh's Conpulsion. Format will be Changeling the Lost.
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