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Dizin Hotel in Iran
Book a room at Dizin Hotel online. Our hotel in Dizin is the only accommodation facility that is located right next to Dizin Ski Resort.
Book a room at Dizin Hotel online. Our hotel in Dizin is the only accommodation facility that is located right next to Dizin Ski Resort.

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You Must See Iran

Dizin hotel in Iran is the the sole accommodation facility that is located exactly next to the International Dizin Ski Resort in Iran. As the admin of this hotel in Dizin's website, I go through the silliest interactions ever to make people believe there are incredible skiing opportunities in Iran:

“What’s the first picture that pops up in your mind when you hear the word Iran?”

“A big camel in the middle of a God-forsaken desert loafing around and chewing a big gum”

“Camels don’t chew gums”

“They don’t!?”

“No! It’s weed or sth they chew all the time.”

“Cooool! You guys have so much weed that you feed it to your pets.”

-“Nooo! It’s not THAT kind of weed, and camels are not p…, listen! Do you know how to ski?”

This is a part of the silly Facebook chat I had last night with my European friend who gave me a hard time making him realize Iran and Iraq are two different countries. It’s a bitter truth that Iran, this beautiful country of beautiful people, is getting the most unfair media coverage imposed upon any country. Iran, this island of peace and security in the war-stricken Middle East, offers so many fascinating attractions that its great ski resorts and golden sand dunes are just two items to be checked in a long list that will be far from being your bucket list. Our hotel in Dizin known by different names like Dizin hotel, Dizin hotel 1 or Dizin hotel 2 is the most modest item in the long list of attractions in Iran pushing you to start packing.

You Must See Iran; and Start with Dizin Ski Resort and Dizin Hotel

The International Dizin Ski Resort and Dizin Hotel next to it are the greatest ski resort complex in Asia. Its fine powdery snow is like a magnet to thousands of skiers who take several trips to Dizin in winter to ski at this very popular ski resort in Iran. Professional skiers know why powdery snow at ski resorts is so important; it helps you maneuver smoothly and also cushions your dangerous falls. The reason behind the excellent quality of the snow at Dizin Ski Resort is the altitude at which the ski resort is located; Dizin is one of the highest ski resorts in the world and this high altitude has led to another fortune; skiing season in Iran is so long that you can ski at its more than a dozen of ski resorts from mid-November till mid-May.

Dizin Ski Resort; Dizin Hotel

Dizin Hotel_ wrongly famous as Dizin Hotel 1 or Dizin Hotel 2_ is the best accommodation facility found around Dizin Ski Resort. This hotel in Dizin is especially best in terms of location; Dizin hotel is located right next to the ski resort in way that it’s just a 1-minute walkDizin Hotel , Hotel in Dizin from the hotel to the room where you buy your ski resort entrance tags and you can watch the skiers ski down the piste from the rooms’ balconies. Furthermore, Dizin Hotel offers its very convenient airport pickup service to the tourists who would like to head directly to Dizin instead of staying in chaotic Tehran.

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Dizin Hotel and Dizin Hostel

The news of Dizin Hotel opening a hostel in Dizin called Dizin Hostel has roared like thunder in Dizin Region and many skiers are contacting us to get as much information about this hostel in Dizin asDizin Hotel , Dizin Hostel they can. The main idea behind Dizin Hotel's intention to start a hostel in Dizin is to provide the numerous skiers who come over here to The International Dizin Ski Resort with an accommodation facility that is different from our hotel in Dizin in terms of price range, facilities and location. But the most striking difference between Dizin Hotel and Dizin hostel is that of the atmosphere of this hostel in Dizin.

Dizin Hotel vs Dizin Hostel; Price Range

Staying in the cheapest room at Dizin Hotel will cost you at least $70 per night and unfortunately the rooms’ rates at our hotel in Dizin do not include the breakfast. This is true while the rates of our other rooms go up to $210 per night and such a price range is considered sort of high by many skiers who travel around the world in an ecoDizin Hotel , Dizin Hostelnomic way. On the other hand, the rooms’ rates at Dizin Hostel start from only $15 dollar per night for dorm beds including free healthy and filling breakfast every morning. There are also private single, double and twin rooms at Dizin Hostel that will cost you only $40 per night. To put it in a nutshell, while our hotel in Dizin is meant for people who are after absolute comfort and privacy, our hostel in Dizin is a hostel in its true sense; it’s cheaper, it’s less quiet, but it’s much warmer and friendlier than our hotel in Dizin. Dizin Hostel is a place where you get to meet sophisticated backpackers and socialize in its hangout area which is in fact the hostels living room.

Dizin Hotel and Dizin Hostel; Locations

While our hotel in Dizin, known also as Dizin Hotel 1 and Dizin Hotel 2, is located at an unrivalled location which is right next to the International Dizin Ski Resort, our hostel in Dizin is located at a distance of 2 km from the ski resort. No worries though; Dizin Hostel provides its guests with its free transportation service to and from the ski resort early in the morning and late in the evening. And as far as the airport pickups are concerned, Dizin Hostel and Dizin Hotel have signed their transportation contracts with the same company and our hostel in Dizin just like our hotel in Dizin provides its guests with its secure and convenient airport pickup service with only $60.
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