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Patrick Lalande
For Wealth over Riches Buy Function Over Fashion.
For Wealth over Riches Buy Function Over Fashion.

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Successes are a matter of clarity. Clarity of your focus, clarity of your work processes, and clarity of your passion.

Some people may this article helpful in achieving that.

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Me: Normally.

Brain: Sometimes both ways awake. 

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This pretty much explains the situation. Calmly and clearly. Without partisan tilt. 

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Reminds me of the story about acres of diamonds. 
"Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.." - Albert Einstein

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* Artificial Intelligence*
Or, How To Train Your Robot Faster, On The Cheap

This is my understanding of this "AI".
It's differences are speed, energy, and accuracy from other methods.

Evolution Strategies (ES) is like a automobile that uses electric only.
Not the fastest and a little slow getting there but a lot more energy efficient.

Reinforcement Learning (RL) is like the supercar that uses brute force to get where it needs to be regardless of the cost or energy expended.

Makes sense given their names.

We use a little of both every day we learn anything. But I didn't know that the way we play video games is more like ES than RL.

That makes sense given I play video games so seldomly that ES works better.

Great article that makes a small slice of understanding A.I. much easier and quicker. I love it. Anything against this learning strategy by #openai? Look like all the machine learning just stuck in the circle. Little bit, or in slow evolution circles ;).

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Yesterday I published an article about Google and the state of their ground floor customers' communications environment and pretty much laid out where I thought that the impetus for their communication environment disarray was coming from.

Even if I'm wrong about where it's coming from Google ought to listen to the angst. It will affect them. It is their choice as to how.

Today I stumbled upon the video below which highlights a difference between Google and Apple that I certainly never thought to explore but it also pointed to a way that Google could make their baseline consumer more relevant.

It's already in their DNA. The just need to apply it more broadly across their business ecosystem.

LInk to yesterday's article:

(post edited for spelling)

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You know the ol' saying.

"There must be a little truth in any humor just to make it funny."

Some cartoons are just funnier than others. 

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I want an integrated messaging system that spans not only my hardware but my daily life. Right now I have 3 different apps feeding a single number and the problem with that is when I'm at my computer and I get a phone call 3 things ring and 2 windows pop up and when I answer one of them from whatever device, the rest shows missed calls.

That's all one top of my email alerting me of anything important, my text messaging, and people trying to talk face-to-face.

I'm not running an office. I'm just trying to run a life here. Google promised to help. For that I bought into their ecosystem.

So here is "the Thing".

Google cares most about their search business. Everything else is either in support of that or a side endeavour. At least that's how I see it.

The common consumer within their ecosystem is just a bit player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more.
(Apologies to William Shakespeare)

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The S&P 500 is 80% of the stock market's value so...
Ignore This Chart | Zero Hedge

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