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Alan Raisman
When you travel somewhere new, enter as a tourist but leave as a local.
When you travel somewhere new, enter as a tourist but leave as a local.

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I'm excited to get this for my wallet! I'll never lose my phone or wallet again.

Has anyone traveled with their drone on an airplane? Does security ask questions? I have no travel plans yet, but once I get used to flying, I hope to travel with my drone.

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My drone is having two issues, though they may be related.  As you can see in the video, my top left propeller is starting after the other three.  Also, the drone only flies for 5 seconds or so now when the camera is connected.  I think the weight from the camera is causing the battery to slip from the pins in the drone.  Any suggestions?  Thanks everyone!

Does the camera battery ever die?  It hasn't, but how would I charge it if it does?

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This was taken before it got stuck in a tree.  I'll try and get it out tomorrow after the snow stops.

How do I do a 180 degree or 360 degree turn with the drone?  

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In addition to using the phone case to view the drone from a first-person perspective, it's a great way to get photos or video of your drone flying!  

Just a heads up, someone had to be at my house to sign for the drone when it came by USPS.  I work during the day so I missed the first day they tried to deliver.  My roommate was able to sign for it the next day.  If you aren't home, you may have to pick it up from your local post office.

What's with the gimbal?  I ordered it, but is it an attachment I didn't receive, or is it part of the camera that I'm not noticing?

So I got my drone to fly, but I can't get it to stay at a certain level.  It flies up, and I have to bring it crashing down before I can stabilize it.  I have yet to learn how to fly it forward or backwards because I am still trying to make sure it doesn't fly too high.  Any help?
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