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Author Shahrnush Parsipur eBooks

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About Women Without Men

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On the Wings of Wind (Bar Bale Bad Neshastan)
A novel in 618 pages (Baran Publishers, Stockholm 2002)
Now as an ebook it is on my website:
Publisher: Nur Publishing
Publication Date: December 2011
Language: Persian ( Farsi )
Pages: 698
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
File Size & Format: 2.4MB, PDF

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The Dog and the Long Winter (Sag va zemestan-e boland) Parsipur's first book, a novel in 350 pages, was published in 1974. Later due to the Iranian revolution its reprints were stopped. It received permission for republication in 1990 but shortly after printing, due the author's incarceration, it was banned and all copies were seized by the Government. This book has been reprinted at least three times in the US, Sweden, Germany and Russia.
You can but it here:
Or from my publisher's website

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My ebooks are on my website
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