Lets do a second post! Yahhhhooooooo. Lets do a little Cebuano. I should use this language more as my wife is from Cebu. Komusta ka? Ako si Jonathan. Ganahan akong website ba? Oo? wala? Ok-okra. Any answer is fine.

Yep, thats about it. 5 years married and I`m struggling to think of anything else to say in Cebuano. Kagwapa akong asawa man oi. My wife is beautiful. Lucky ko. I`m lucky. Unsa na ka? What are you doing? Mingaw ka nako? Do you miss me? Mingaw ko nimo oi. I miss you you know. Langin, gusto ko masahe palihug. Love, I would like a masage please. This last one doesn`t really work. Her answer is always Kapoy ko. I`m tired. Gusto ko tulog. I want to sleep. Unya na langin. Later my love.

Strange that even though I know a lot of regular expressions, I almost never use them. She speaks fluent english to me so we kind of get stuck in the idea of speaking english all the time. I always say how important it is for me to learn her language, and that is my goal. I want to be fluent in Cebuano. From there I will move onto Tagalog, and then go back to Japanese and Dutch.

Everytime I learn new words in any language then learning more new words become easier. I speak perhaps 5000 words in total in other languages. Still small compared to my knowledge of english but a good basis to go further.

Now I`m going to learn a few more Cebuano words. You might be wondering where, so I`ve posted the link below. Yes its my own website so you know its safe.
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bansay bansay akong higala. more power!
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