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I think I've figured out why missions are not downloading and I've sent all the info to Six To Start. Hopefully they will fix it soon

The issue is down to not supporting the FAT filesystem, which is what my phone is on. The mission filenames contain a colon, which is not allowed by that filesystem, so the download fails. I've tried a friend's Nexus 4, which uses ext4 not FAT, and it works fine. So if your phone uses a FAT filesystem, mission download will not work until a fix is made and the app reissued

So that's why it doesn't work for some phones and does for others
Hope it gets fixed soon, I miss having the zombies while I run :(

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How to manually add Cordova plugins to your app
I have recently been trying to add a plugin to an existing Cordova app (using Cordova 3.7.0).  Since I didn't create my app using the CLI I had 2 options: Create a new app using the CLI and copy my source files over Add the plugin files to my existing app F...

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Manual upgrade of Apache Cordova for Android
I hadn't upgraded Cordova for ages and was still on version 2.4.0 (now at 3.7.0 at the time of writing). so I was surprised, but mostly dismayed, that I now had to use the Cordova tools to create apps.  Maybe it is just me but I liked being able to copy the...

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Hmmm, I'd always assumed these were based on searches, but now I'm wondering if they are doctored in some fashion
The difference between Google and Bing
Gotta love the magic of search suggestions...

Screenshot via +Gizmodo.

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Interesting stats on iOS vs Android for games, especially that Japanese and English are the only real languages worth bothering with

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An insightful and interesting read into a hidden illness 

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I've been messing with responsive web design and decided I like it

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Browser bug that can fill a hard drive, nice!

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