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Joe Hills
I make things. They are often funny.
I make things. They are often funny.

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Come hang out with local Minecrafters and enjoy lunch, a coffee, or a drink at Nashville's original 24-hour café! We'll probably stick around for a few hours and tell stories, meet new folks, and have fun!

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Bryan helps Art close his trash can #ArtsMove

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The sun routinely casts things our way at the speed of light.

It's the slower stuff you've gotta watch, though.

Someone asked for the transcript of the creepy voicemail I just got. To clarify, no one I know calls me Joseph, and I don't know of anyone named Charles who ever beat up anyone named John. The phone call came through the +Vanderbilt University outgoing switchboard, which was extra weird.

Anyway, the message is super quiet, even on speaker, here's my best guess:

"Hey, Joseph, this is Charles.
I was just calling to see if you're going back to Knoxville, you little spoiled kid.
Cuz, I remember how I used to beat up John all the time and you were just standing there laughing and watching.
And I would never touch you.
And so, I'm just calling to see, like, when, like, you know, you're going back up to college and stuff like that,  I mean, I dunno, just call me back, see ya later, bye."

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Mysterious mail

1. May the ___ be with you.
A. velocity
B. acceleration
C. force
D. inertia

2. There's a fire in his ___.
A. eyes
B. walk
C. belly
D. hair

3. Resistance is ___.
A. life
B. death
C. voltage/current
D. futile

4. Beam me ___.
A. down
B. right in the kisser
C. away
D. up before you go go

5. You can't stop the ___.
A. beat
B. future
C. train
D. signal, Mal

6. Keep calm and carry ___.
A. off
B. only with a permit
C. the whole prom
D. on like nothing really matters

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Streaming announcement: 8pm CT @theShaftPodcast

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Best comment I've seen on surveillance circumvention:

"Since I have nothing to hide, my caring government would be wasting resources trying to monitor and read my communication.
By making it impossible for them to do so, I'm saving them effort, time and money." —mvvdlee

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#Redstone Tears, a #Hermitcraft  Fanfiction by +JoeHillsTSD  , featuring +Mumbo Jumbo  ZombieCleo, and +Tinfoil Chef  Also, #horses , and #theCloud !
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