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My long-cooking feature on Joss Whedon and the Avengers movie, which has already sold more advance tickets than all the other Marvel comic-book movies put together. Also, here's an exclusive anecdote not in the story: When I was watching short clips in the vfx review with Whedon and crew, a scene of Captain America and Black Widow fighting badguys on the street leading to Grand Central Terminal in New York flickered and then shifted completely. The people were the same, but New York was gone, replaced by--of course--greenscreen. "Wait," I said. "It's not real?" Folks in the room laughed, and Whedon said, "I just spent two hours trying to convince him we did it all in-camera! Thanks a lot."
Cult-favorite writer-director Joss Whedon thrives on independence. So how is he handling Marvel's mega-ultra-awesome superhero blockbuster?
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