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On being unhappy with an Open Source library: "The way I go about it is not to mourn, but just forking, changing and discussing the changes with the creator. Most of the time this works out." GoogleBingLady on Reddit

"This is how programming should be taught. You should do stuff way before you can figure out how it works. For a while, you should intentionally be ignorant about distracting details.

"You should, intentionally and tactically, decide which piece of information you can do without, for now. But you should also, intentionally and strategically, decide when to pay back that debt."

- Amir Rachum

"If you require people with twelve real superpowers in your job offer, you will end hiring a liar in tights" HN user pvaldes

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There is a loud and proud community of people who can make fantastic UIs using HTML/CSS/Javascript. But - their users want desktop applications, which were supposed to wither away like the State under Communism. So the hot solution is to embed their to-do-list into a full browser instance!

Old Grumpies complain about these apps eating their memory like only a modern browser engine can, and tell the kids to go learn C++ and Qt, and also to get off their lawn. This does not impress the kids because they now have two mountains to climb to do something that they can already do, and because, Grumpies.

A ray of light seems to be Go with Qt. The Rust people are working on this but they're still compiling.

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The short read:

1) Sufficiently smart people armed with a sufficiently powerful type system will happily create abstractions which are impenetrable to the foot soldiers of software development
2) If you aren't clear on the distinction between async and sync server programming, go for sync. (node.js people don't have a choice)

Sometimes you come across real gems at Hacker News, when actual
computer-culture heroes pop up:

bitwize 15 hours ago [-]

A blank check from the Feds in the hopes that giving money to smart people will make tgem develop something we could use to blow up the Russkies. That's what made Xerox PARC.

alankay1 50 minutes ago [-]


Houston, we have a problem. /u/jackmott2 says "The pace of increasing inefficiency is faster than the pace of hardware improvements. Especially when you consider RAM latency has not kept pace with CPU cycle speed, and many of our modern programming conveniences add extra indirection which nullifies a lot of CPU performance improvements."

"Lua lets you [be] very free to express yourself creatively, but as soon as you work in a multi-people context, it inflicts other people's creativity upon you: that is way less entertaining" - Fabien Fleutot

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