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Paul Durdle
Digital Marketing Specialist, Bartender, Rockstar
Digital Marketing Specialist, Bartender, Rockstar

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Love it #StarWars  

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We launched our iOS app today! Check it out!
You asked, we listened.

Download it here today:

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The ultimate battle of fire and ice! Who will win, the sun or Comet #ISON

Join #NASA as we follow the journey of Comet ISON as it slingshots around the sun. 

Will the awesome gravity and energy of the sun break up this cosmic ball of ice and rock? Will it break up? Or will it pass the sun intact to put on a dazzling show in the December sky? 

Watch as NASA solar physicists track the comet LIVE from the mission control for NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory,@NASA_SDO, during #ISON’s closest approach to the sun. 

We'll also be joined by comet scientists joining from Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona, where the solar telescope will be observing ISON and by science writer Phil Plait.

NASA scientists will answer your questions LIVE on air here on Google+, in the YouTube comments section during the live broadcast, or via Twitter using #ISON and #askNASA.

The participants in this Hangout include:

• C. Alex Young, Solar Physicist, Associate Director for Science in the Heliophysics Science Division and co-founder of The Sun Today - NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md.,

• W. Dean Pesnell, Solar Physicist and Project Scientist for the Solar Dynamics Observatory - NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md.,

• Karl Battams, Comet Scientist for the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC, and solar spacecraft lead for NASA's Comet ISON Observing Campaign, joining from Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona, where the solar telescope will be observing ISON. 

• Phil Plait, writes Slate's 'Bad Astronomy' blog and is an astronomer, science evangelizer, and author of the books "Bad Astronomy" and "Death from the Skies!"

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Bill Hicks on Marketing: "Go Kill Yourself"
I've seen it before, and unfortunately a lot of people have this opinion (or else a comedian wouldn't be making jokes about it). And that's all it is, comedians making jokes.  I've worked with multiple companies in a marketing position, and not a single one...

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Google+ Must Be A Ghost Town

+Jeremy Smith is absolutely right. Google+ is a ghost town, isn't it? I'm sure no one will read this, no one will comment on it, no one will share or click through to the article. There's no one here.

Yet many of us know that's far from the truth.

As Jeremy points out in today's guest blog, the perception is flawed because many people, businesses and organizations come to Google+ with flawed expectations. Instead of taking a moment to understand what Google+ is about and how their social media strategy needs to change to fit this different ecosystem.

As someone once said, Facebook is for connecting with the people you already know, Google+ is for connecting with the people you should know.

If you still feel like Google+ is quiet and empty... check out Jeremy's post and give his suggestions a try. And if you have questions on how to get more out of the network, let us know!

Google+ Must Be A Ghost Town:

Thanks for your comments and shares!

#Google+ #EvanG + #GooglePlusTips   #Perception  

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Whoohoo! I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 147

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Back in My Day...
How I don't miss cassette tapes... If you're one of those people that complain about the way things are today and claim it used to be bet...

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Paul Durdle hung out with 2 people.steve hearn and Aditya Arora

So Upstream is looking for a few people to take part in a guerilla campaign this week for one of their clients, Mitsubishi. I can give you more details if you're interested, but you get to dress up like a bayman haha. The dates are:

Thurs 24th 4:30-7:30
Fri 25th 2:00-5:00
Sat 26th 10:00-3:00

(Note - you don't have to attend all 3 if you can't).

Basically Mitsubishi is having a pre summer sale, and you might have seen the Townie vs Baymen campaign, it's a continuation of that. We are going to have a couple people dressed up as baymen (be creative) at each traffic light between the mall and Mitsubishi with signs. Just need to act like a Newfie for a couple hours. They're paying pretty well for it too.

Inbox me, comment or text me if you're interested.

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Hah. Good idea.
Are you ready for Diablo 3?
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