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The Notion of Time in Programming
I n colloquial terms programs are the stories told to the machines. But somehow because a machine cannot understand exactly what we speak, we tend to stick to something which is understandable. In the process of telling a machine what needs to be carried ou...

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I ask for an “x” and
programmer’s dilemma?? Well, I would call it so.   Not that I am jumping to the conclusion
without reasoning. Look
at the scenario. The problem was simple with a too simple solution. I wanted
the value of ‘x’ and I ask for an ‘x’. Either I get back th...

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JavaScript Animation Libraries - Quick Survey
[Image Reference:] JavaScript is so much powerful that everything can be animated with ease amongst
numerous available libraries. Being tried with a few libraries, here is a small survey. The list is never ending. There are 100's with specif...

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Programming with Invariants
Computation is a
process of unfolding the given problem over time.   It is the process of identifying if the
problem is solvable or not. In more concrete terms, as we speak to computer
science graduates, it the question of “ Can you write an algorithm for t...

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Why Suddenly The languages I Studied Look Bad!??
(Image Ref: The decisive goal of each
programming language is to keep it effortless for the user and conceal the
complexity in the implementation. The intact notion of theory in computer
science verbalizes...

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The Software Productivity Paradox
Firstly my Acknowledgements to Mr. Harold Thimblebly for his
extra-ordinary book on “Press On – Principles of interaction programming” which
made me realize and put forward the following thoughts. We never realized! We never realized that the productivity f...

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Kick Start to OpenSource
Following article gives you on how you can introduce yourself to open-source environment.  The first mandatory requirement is to get a opensource Operating system installed on your machine. Or alternatively, find a problem and set up an suitable environment...

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Cloud Services - Are They Coming With A Silver Lining?
“software : from pay-use to pay-for-use ” - Prakash B. Hegade 1. Introduction Software and the line of lane During
the 1960s software started getting separated from hardware [1] . Until then there was no such distinction between hardware and
software. It wa...

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