Carl Friedrich Gauss commented on a video on YouTube.
Hello everyone, I'm an INTP it would seem, even though I don't really believe one can completely decipher consciousness itself into something relatively so simplistic....and I would like to assist you a little in this journey of existence.
From my experience, INTP's can be the sanest, or some of the most psychotic people on this must be careful, if they are an INTP, in their overestimation of their emotional disconnection to existence, because in a very unusual way an INTP can become immensely affected by things...I haven't immersed myself in the study of psychoanalysis enough to explain this phenomena in detail.
You may think you are basically completely emotionless & nothing could ever impede on your sanity, and in some ways this is true....but in others, this could not be further from the truth...
Ignorance is truly bliss, I would advise you to be careful not to knowingly enter a rabbit hole you arrogantly think you can mentally completely disconnect from, soon to find it has consumed your very being....
Nonetheless, you will inevitably find your way out because you're an INTP, at least that's what my perception suggests.
HEED MY WARNING FRIENDS, THE DOUBLE EDGED SWORD, A GIFT & A CURSE, not to be mocked, you can either THINK yourself into COMPLETE BLISS or the very depths of hell itself.
I don't like writing comments usually because it's to finalized for my liking, but I will try to leave this comment undeleted.

If you are an INTP you should listen to Robert Anton Wilson.
He was, in some ways, possibly the pinnacle of what an INTP can be, from my vantage point at least.

And in response directly to Tomacity in regards to this particular video, I recommend viewing a video on YouTube called: Terence McKenna - Worry is preposterous.
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