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Jeremiah Owyang originally shared:
10 Commandments for Dogs.

I know some people who only kept their dog when it was convenient for them, they left him in the patio all day, and eventually got rid of him at the SPCA tied to the gate. Asshats.

Anyways, here's the 10 Commandments, these are more than just 'entertainment' there's a long term commitment as part of your family.

On the flip side, other countries find it strange we do this, as they see how we treat cattle. Very interesting dynamic, that I'm very aware of.
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I have a possible job for you, but not sure yet. Pay is decent.

Tim Weaver

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OK, what did I do wrong. I u/l a pic from my phone and G+ for Android placed it in my stream, instead of some private album as I thought it was supposed to.
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I haven't run into that issue yet.

Tim Weaver

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So I changed my avatar picture to me, but it's still posting in the stream as the original image I uploaded, from "Seven Samurai". What's up with that?
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Yeah, I noticed that my old avatar image pops up from time to time...

Tim Weaver

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I d/l the Google+Tweet add-on, and went to sign in, and Google's own "unsubscribe" feature advised cancelling the install due to "high access" level.

Um....ok. Now what?

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This is directed at +Jay Baer and +Amber Naslund, since they're the go-to Social Media geeks I know best:

I was responding to a friend who had asked about Google+ and my thoughts about it. Aside from my standard "all the frequency of Twitter with the commentary volume of Facebook" reply aside, I came to note something about my usage of G+:

In the 2-3 weeks I've had the account, I visited it regularly in the first 3-4 days. Since then, once a day, at most, but usually every other day. I started to ponder why that was.

The answer I came up with was this: I see the same stuff, from the same people, on Facebook, Twitter, my RSS reader, etc. In this case, ubiquity is NOT a positive thing, but overload.

In addition to my usual group/circle of friends and close acquaintances, I follow folks in the Social Media Space and people in the competitive intelligence industry. It appears to me that the drive to push content across multiple networks has resulted in a HUGE amount of redundancy. Of course, I can winnow it down so that I read this person in my RSS feed, this person on Twitter, etc., and am in the process of doing so.

But even then, as a researcher, if I need to recall where I read a piece of information, will I be able to, or will I have to check each network/app to see where I read +Janet Aronica's One Forty, or the latest blog post from +Trish "Dayngr" Forant over at Radian6? Was it my RSS feed? LinkedIn? Twitter? Facebook? Their blog?

I am very much a "not all your eggs in one basket" guy, and generally do not like applications or programs designed to do multiple things (I have a Droid for calls, an iPod for music, and 2 digital cameras for most pictures). However, for Social Media, there might, indeed, be an opportunity to combine things.

How do you think Google+ can capitalize on the "wide" in World Wide Web in terms of aggregating information?
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Though directed toward Jay and Amber, I meant it as an open forum. Bad wording, early in the morning. Anyone else?

Tim Weaver

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So far, my experience with Google+ has been this:

All the frequency of updates of Twitter with all the commentary of FB.

I don't necessarily say this as a positive thing. At least when splitting FB and Twitter, you could separate the noise. Here, it's just one huge cacophony.
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No....not notifications...I turned all that crap off. I mean the sheer amount of messages and noise that people post.

Think of it this way....some of the SM darlings post Tweets in the 3-4/hour quantity. Now add the dozens of comments that a full post of theirs as would appear in FB (rather than just a URL in a tweet), and you get slammed.

In Twitter, the posts were frequent, but very very short. However, it was easy for shit to get lost because of the never.ending.posting.of.tweets. On Facbook, it was fairly easy to find someone 's post, especially if it became popular.

Now, combine those. Blech.

We'll see.

Tim Weaver

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Nice article by Chris Brogan. Just one thing missing from his post: a "Share on Google+" button. :)
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