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GDG Trójmiasto
Google Developers Group Trójmiasto - wykłady, warsztaty, hackatony...
Google Developers Group Trójmiasto - wykłady, warsztaty, hackatony...


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This time we will focus on NFC in Mobile Solutions.

+Bartosz Reichel  will attempt to answer the question: Is it possible to replace the #NFC by #BLE
Considerations arising from the lack of NFC support by all manufacturers.

We will meet at #PPNT , Lazurowa Room in the old building (building II - Hale Lukowe
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If you're interested in going to +MCE - Mobile Central Europe I suggest you talk to me (20% off) and act quickly (Christmas sale until 24th Dec)

Detailed agenda:

#mobile   #conference   #warsaw   #sale  
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Guys, we'll have a 20% discount code for (Warsaw, Feb 4-6th). +1 and comment under this post if you want it :). Prices go up every month, so hurry!
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This month we will focus on  #mobile . +Michał Tajchert will talk about Android Wear, and then... (still working on that)

+Michał Tajchert is an #Android  developer, #GDG organizer from Warsaw, #Bitcoin enthusiast. He studies mobile programming at PJWSTK & is doing lots of side projects, develops mobile apps and maks his ideas come true. He's also really into latest  wearables devices.

Talk description
Are you curious what Android Wear is, what developers and designers should know about it? What next few month will look like on the wearables market? Hopefully with my presentation I will cover all aspects of Android Wear, show you some neat designs and answer all your questions.
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Added photos to GDG meets CocoaHeads.
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Another GDG event (this time in synergy with CocoaHeads) will happen as soon as tomorrow! Make sure to mark that in your calendars, and choose what you'd like to see there :)
This time, things are different:

1) no need to register on Eventbrite, but you DO have to be on the Facebook ( OR Google+ event "going" list.

2) we're starting earlier - 6:00pm

3) free pizza - thank Mobica

4) "win a +UXPin license" contest. iOS people, get your Google+ account (and app) ready!

5) after the event, we'll be joining #GENEsession at Klub Atelier, Sopot, for some fine mingling.

6) invite your friends! 

Here's the - dynamically changing - agenda:

12th December will be packed with awesome events. We're running two user group meetings at the same time next to each other -
+CocoaHeads Tricity  and +GDG Trójmiasto. So pick one of the tracks and come learn new stuff and meet new people.

GDG agenda:

Maciek Górski (Android) - Useful +Google Maps extensions on +Android.

Talk: When at the end of 2012 new Android maps API appeared, it stired up a lot of emotions. Including the good ones. Since then Google programmers fixed most of the bugs, that made using new maps troublesome. At the same time, open source community didn't just wait. They developed few useful libraries, which help implementing most common scenarios for displaying information using maps. And about them, you'll have a chance to learn today.

Speaker: Maciej is conference journeyman: during last year he spent more time listening (and even speaking) at conferences about mobile and Java EE and attending user groups, than working at his desk. For few months he has benn interested in maps you can display on green droid devices. That's how small, but useful Android Maps Extensions library was born. Maciej's adventure with programming started as a hobby, when popular Polish gaming magazine CD-Action setarte series about Pascal programming called "We're not only playing games". When he's not programming he tries to stay out of computers and bikes instead.

CocoaHeads agenda:

Sebastian Suchanowski (iOS) - Health2.0 Startups.

Speaker: I am passionate about new technologies with a focus on the mobile world, and am currently putting all of my efforts into the iOS platform. I believe in the Lean Startup movement and am passionate about entrepreneurship and business.
I consider myself a man of action who is more likely doing 3 projects at once than lying around and watching TV (except This Week in Startups). My mind feels most alive when it is brought to the edge of what it can handle. After hours (if any are left) I like to play soccer, jog, and watch a good movie.

CocoaHeads & GDG (combined) agenda:

Tomasz Netczuk (mobile web) - Foundation 

Speaker: I’m programmer with mobile background. Currently I’m working for Polidea as almost “one-man-army”: I develop stuff for iOS (ObjC), web frontend (HTML5, Foundation) and backend (Python). In my spare time I develop games. Sometimes people call me "that one with the camera".
Foundation bootstrap
Ever tried developing websites that behave correctly on desktop and mobile? Hard, isn't it?
I'll help you dive into ZURB Foundation, the direct Twitter Bootstrap competitor. With this framework you create good looking responsive sites in no time. I'll also talk about SASS, the language that makes CSS readable and usable again.

FB event:

Cover photo designed by
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Say "Ok Google" to Google Chrome
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