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ᗷEᑕᗩᑌᔕE Oᖴ TᕼE ᔕᑌᖇᑭᗩᔕᔕIᑎG ᐯᗩᒪᑌE Oᖴ KᑎOᗯIᑎG ᑕᕼᖇIᔕT ᒍEᔕᑌᔕ ᗰY ᒪOᖇᗪ.
ᗷEᑕᗩᑌᔕE Oᖴ TᕼE ᔕᑌᖇᑭᗩᔕᔕIᑎG ᐯᗩᒪᑌE Oᖴ KᑎOᗯIᑎG ᑕᕼᖇIᔕT ᒍEᔕᑌᔕ ᗰY ᒪOᖇᗪ.

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Here is a video made by my friend VenusDeArt, or just Venus, as I know her. She has painted a portrait of myself from a photo she saw me use in one of my videos. I would like to share this with all my friends, as I am mightily lost for words at the beauty of my Saviour she has shown within my soul. Thank you, Venus. (*_*)

She listens in beauty, embraced by faith
Over her soul my heart saith
All the words and sounds
Smell like coffee grounds
A touch of light graces gently her cheek
With hopes high comes the mountain peak
With Love so deep within her eyes
So near the nobel prize
For fighting gently yet clear
Without a bow nor spear
Oh, I see seasons come and go
Enchanted by her grace her glow...

poem: LIZ ©by VENUS
song Liz presents: Rich Mullin’s Hold Me Jesus
இڿڰۣ ENJOY Friends & Goodnight

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Celebrating my 30th Birthday in Christ Jesus, My Lord

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MAX BRUCH - Violin Concerto No. 3 in D Minor, Op. 58 - The Gewandhausorchester, Leipsig conducted by Kurt Mazur and the solo violin played by Salvatore Accardo.

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Ha ha haaa
Have a good week everyone. (^_^)
With much love and many hugs.
Liz. xoxo
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The heavens declare the glory of God ~Psalm 19:1

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To all my subscribers,
This is my latest video:
BEETHOVEN - Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-Flat, Op. 73 - Emperor - Serkin/Ozawa/Boston Symphony. TELARC.

I have not made a video for YouTube since Christmas, 2015. I decided to take a little break from video making for a while. I hope you will enjoy this Piano Concerto by Beethoven. If you would like to post a comment, please will you go to the video on YouTube and do so.
Take care now.
Kind regards and much love.
Liz. xoxo

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This is a request from +Tita Santos who cannot see this YouTube upload, due to it being blocked in Germany. I hope you all enjoy it.
Thank you for requesting this song, Tita.
Take care now.
Kind regards.
Liz. xoxo

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I was spellbound -- from beginning to end. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
Sending warm hugs and love to all my friends.
Liz. xxoxo

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Yesterday I posted a post on the dangers of many dietary supplements that can be bought over the counter in many of our retail stores. My friend, Jackie +Classical Jams - Passionate Piano recommended the site, a site where people can go to to read up on the research that has been done on many of today's dietary supplements. Unfortunately, the site is not free, but having looked through it as much as I could as an outsider, I would like to recommend this site to my friends on Google+

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With all the hype in this world today about the effectiveness and safety of dietary supplements, this is a video that is worth watching. All is not as it should be -- why am I not surprised.
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