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Today's hack was to turn off all notifications on my iPhone. Even the little red dots on top of the apps.

I feel better already. I feel more in control.

Notifications are a great concept, but I'm not strong enough to ignore them when they alert me of something really interesting. Because really interesting isn't exactly the same thing as important and urgent.

Especially when you're trying to focus on deliverables.

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Our small Swedish agency reached 300 fans on Facebook yesterday. Some would argue that this isn't an impressive number for an online agency, and sure — we could've grown much more.

But I'm not stressed out about this. I know a majority of the people who liked our page personally. Or I know who they are through mutual connections. For a small brand to have 300 friends — I think that's pretty awesome.

And truth to be told; I would much rather put effort into deepening my existing relationships with these 300 people, rather than growing with 300+ new ones.

At any given time, I have about 6-10 client relations (most of them long-term) and a couple of pitch processes running. It's safe to say that I would never be able to care for 300+ clients in a year. If I do my own PR right, I don't really need that many professional relationships.

Even if I think in terms of future expansion, employer branding and general industry awareness, I honestly don't need tons of Facebook fans for our page to make sense to our bottom line.

Nor is our page some sort of silo-funnel. We don't sell bulky commodities, we sell  complex services. So our Facebook page is just one of several touch-points for potential clients. It's not meant to be a cure-all lead-generating stand-alone automation machine.

This insight leads me to a couple of conclusions that are quite self-evident:

1. For us, it's awesome to have 300 fans on #Facebook.

2. When it comes to professional #B2B relationships, the quality and depth of those relationships outperforms having many more weak ties with many more people.

3. Scaling isn't everything. Doing things that don't scale is actually pretty cool, too.

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You know what I find to be the weirdest thing about becoming a father?

I've only known my son Jack for about four weeks. He doesn't really say all that much and even though he shows signs of a personality, I can't really say that I know him.

But I love this little stranger immensely. Words can't even begin to describe the volume of emotion I feel for this little kid.

"That's not so strange," you say. It's natural.

Well, I still find it very strange. Truth to be told, I'm not a very loving person. My inner circles are very small and I honestly thought that my love quota was full already. I've known some great individuals for decades, but what I feel for them doesn't even begin to even compare what I feel for little Jack. From day zero, hour zero, second zero.

And he doesn't know me, either. I'm just that smiling bearded face he sees around everyday.

But even if I'll never fully understand the mechanics of this, it makes me so happy that it's possible to feel this profoundly about another human being. And it makes me all warm inside to know that there's so much about Jack that I still have to discover!

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Which is your favourite PR / communication / advertising theory? Does it still apply today? Why or why not, do you think? Please share in the blog's comment section!

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