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do most moderators contact community members through through the moderators personal profiles or through the community
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I haven't had the occasion to directly contact a member. But if I did, I assume I'd do so as me. Not even sure there is any other way...
I don't know of any other way either. I have people post in a lot of inappropriate categories and I think I need to start asking them to repost, before I remove the inappropriate post. I have enough members now that people don’t always like my moderating decisions 
I ask in a comment to their post, and immediately delete. They should get the notification. And if not, well they should pay better attention. 
+Evo Terra okay I may try that. i have too many members to keep sending personal messages. Even reminding people with comments is almost a full time job
You could also post a general message in the group reminding people to use the appropriate categories and then when you have to delete a post, tag them in a comment in that original post. And perhaps deputize some other moderators to help you with this.
+Amy Vernon  i have tried to get other moderators, but no one wants to help. my community is starting to become a full time job. how is the best way to recruit moderators? 
I've been fighting the need more moderators battle for a long time, especially as social proliferation and saturation gets worse .. as much as I love G+C, it's going to add more logs to the fire .. I do think +Amy Vernon idea of asking top contributors is best bet. At #smchat on Twitter (future G+C) we spread the load by asking each moderator to cover a portion .. very much like a journal/paper .. features editor, sports editor, etc.  Basically, creates focus and divvies up the work ..
I recently learned from +Joe Cothrel (Chief community officer of Lithium) that if you are about to post some critique or warning etc. to a single person you should never do it in public but always do so via private messaging. For me it makes perfect sense, a good boss would also never talk badly about his employee in front of his colleagues but take him aside in order to maintain a healthy relationship with him and the others.
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