Website Domain Names For Sale
While no one who directly follows me may need any of these names there is a chance that someone who follows me knows another person who could use a good website name / URL.
I am trying to use whatever resources I have to start a new business. My URLs are something that should still have some value. 

TrainingDog.COM & TrainingDog.NET & = $9000 - I used to make about $12,000 a year from these sites by having them point to my main site. The EstiBot .com Appraised Value of TrainingDog .com is $ 17,000 USD
My less expensive domain names
WriteSanta.ORG = = = = = make offer = make offer
Domain names for to
LongBeachVeterinarian.NET = make offer = = = = = = = = and DogTrainingInfo.NET =
DogBehaviorTraining.COM = = = = = = = = = = =
Domain names over
POLICEDOG.US & & Make offer = = = Make offer = Make offer = Make offer = = =
POLITICALTEESHIRTS.US = Make offer = = = and = = Make offer - It seems like everybody does WordPress Blogging these days. & & = = = = = This was one of my first website domain names. = or make offer This was one of my first website domain names. = I no longer do kennel training or board and train so I am selling off this site. = = = = = = $ & = All For $ = $ = $ = = = $ I am winding down my dog training so this one is up for sale. = = $ = and = Make offer = I was going to use this domain / website for doing video, but I decided to use one of my other sites.  = at one time I was planning on moving to Taiwan. This is a great and lucky name for a Taiwan website. I also have which I might sell as well
TORRANCERESTAURANT.COM = = Make Offer I wanted to develop this site, but I have all but quit drinking beer.

While these Marijuana domains are good names in a very hot industry I have no interest in doing a business related to them. I have thought about a video project, but I am sure someone else could do more with them. If you want all of them make an offer
MARIJUANACULTIVATION.ORG = Make offer = Make offer = Make offer
冷暖修理.COM = - This is a Chinese air conditioning domain I got it to help a friend out. He no longer wants to use it so it is for sale. I believe it’s a very big market and a good website name with a lot of upside potential.
The domain names below are some I have recently thought about starting businesses with or video project with so they have more values to me =  = Make offer = = = Make offer = or make offer - I would like to do a video project around this domain name.
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