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Andrew Ledford
My G+ stream is like following a virtual museum. Professional interests are Community Television, Video, Social Media, G+, & Dogs
My G+ stream is like following a virtual museum. Professional interests are Community Television, Video, Social Media, G+, & Dogs
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I am looking to sell $5000 of domain names so I can start phase 1 of my business plan.
I am selling a few of my domain names. If you know of anyone who would be interested please have them get in touch with me.
Website Domain Names For Sale
While no one who directly follows me may need any of these names there is a chance that someone who follows me knows another person who could use a good website name / URL.
I am trying to use whatever resources I have to start a new business. My URLs are something that should still have some value. 

TrainingDog.COM & TrainingDog.NET & = $9000 - I used to make about $12,000 a year from these sites by having them point to my main site. The EstiBot .com Appraised Value of TrainingDog .com is $ 17,000 USD
My less expensive domain names =
WriteSanta.ORG = =
DogShirtStore.ORG= = = = recently I found out there may be some problems with using this domain name so I have reduced the price considerably = make offer = make offer
Domain names for to
LongBeachVeterinarian.NET = make offer = = = = = = = = = and DogTrainingInfo.NET =
DogBehaviorTraining.COM = = = = = = = = = = =
Domain names over
POLICEDOG.US & & Make offer = = = Make offer = Make offer = Make offer = = =
POLITICALTEESHIRTS.US = Make offer = = = and = = Make offer - It seems like everybody does WordPress Blogging these days. & & = = = = = This was one of my first website domain names. = or make offer This was one of my first website domain names. = I no longer do kennel training or board and train so I am selling off this site. = = = = = = $ & LongBeachCarShow. net & LongBeachCarShow.ORG & = All For $ = $ = $ = = = $ I am winding down my dog training so this one is up for sale. = = $ = and = Make offer = I was going to use this domain / website for doing video, but I decided to use one of my other sites.  = at one time I was planning on moving to Taiwan. This is a great and lucky name for a Taiwan website. I also have which I might sell as well
TORRANCERESTAURANT.COM = = Make Offer I wanted to develop this site, but I have all but quit drinking beer.

While these Marijuana domains are good names in a very hot industry I have no interest in doing a business related to them. I have thought about a video project, but I am sure someone else could do more with them. If you want all of them make an offer
MARIJUANACULTIVATION.ORG = Make offer = Make offer = Make offer
冷暖修理.COM = - This is a Chinese air conditioning domain I got it to help a friend out. He no longer wants to use it so it is for sale. I believe it’s a very big market and a good website name with a lot of upside potential.
The domain names below are some I have recently thought about starting businesses with or video project with so they have more values to me =  = Make offer = = = Make offer = or make offer - I would like to do a video project around this domain name.

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The Art of The Paper Mache Fungus Lamp

Made by artist Alexandra Bostone of BostonePaperMache.

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1938 Delahaye 135 MS Torpedo Roadster.
A cool artistic car of the past. 

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A campfire to warm your morning.

I have not had as much time to look for or curate content as I used to. Now that the puppet is functional I am working on getting a new website built. I am hoping that the Scarecrow puppet is unusual enough that it will help me talk to business owners and get listings for a local directory site. 

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Ewers decorated with female figures.
Place of origin: Iran
Period: Sasanian period
Date: A.D. 6th-7th century
Medium: Silver and gilt

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A camp by the water.

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Toad Ocarina
Mexico, Southern Veracruz, Nopiloa, 700-900
I thought this one was quite artistic.

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A traditional log cabin in the woods.
This one looks like it is in better shape than some I post.

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First submarines of The Imperial Japanese Navy were acquired in 1905.
Quote from the original post - They acquired these submarines from Electric Boat Company, barely four years after the U.S. Navy had commissioned its own first submarine, USS Holland. The ships were Holland designs and were developed under the supervision of Electric Boat’s representative, Arthur L. Busch. These five submarines (known as Holland Type VII’s) were shipped in kit form to Japan (October 1904) and then assembled at the Yokosuka, Kanagawa Yokosuka Naval Arsenal, to become hulls No.1 through 5, and became operational at the end of 1905.

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Rhodochrosite with Tetrahedrite and Quartz - 32000€
Sweet Home Mine, Mount Bross, Alma District, Park Co., Colorado 
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