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Jetson TK1 / TX1 / Embedded Tegra Blog
NVIDIA's official Jetson TK1 / TX1 / Embedded Tegra blog
NVIDIA's official Jetson TK1 / TX1 / Embedded Tegra blog

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NVIDIA's new TensorRT library is twice as fast at tasks like real-time object recognition & object detection compared to their GPU-optimized Deep Neural Network library from just earlier this year!
It just got a whole lot easier to add complex #AI and #deeplearning abilities to intelligent machines. All it takes is NVIDIA JetPack 2.3, available for free download today: #JetsonTX1

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NVIDIA announced today a new product, the Jetson TX1 Development Kit. I received a model to review. Looky here: Overview The Jetson TX1 is the big brother to the Jetson TK1 Development Kit. The Jetson TX1 features a NVIDIA Maxwell GPU with 256 CUDA cores…

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We posted a guideline on building your own custom MIPI CSI-2 camera module, for those of you with experience in camera modules:

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Jetson TK1 comes with Unity desktop on Ubuntu Linux, but there are many other options. We've posted new tutorials for installing Fedora, openSUSE and Arch Linux distributions (plus a minimal XFCE desktop) on Jetson TK1.

See the full list of Jetson TK1 distributions at ""

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The documents on the official Jetson TK1 Hardware Design and Development page have been updated including some of the board design "secret sauce", to ensure anyone can now build their own custom Tegra K1 or Jetson TK1 board, including:
Jetson TK1 DevKit Specification
Jetson TK1 Schematics
Jetson TK1 PCB Board Files (Gerbers)
Jetson TK1 2D CAD file with layers (.DXF)
Jetson TK1 Bill of Materials (BOM)
Tegra K1 SOC Technical Reference Manual (TRM)
Tegra K1 Embedded Platform Design Guide
Tegra K1 Memory Approved Vendor List
Jetson TK1 Pin Mux
Jetson TK1 Allegro Design File
Jetson TK1 PCB Stack Up Details
Jetson TK1 ValorODB++ Database
Jetson TK1 Datasheet Orcad Schematics
Jetson TK1 Board Orcad Schematics
Jetson TK1 PCB Assembly Drawing
Jetson TK1 RS274x Gerber Data
Jetson TK1 Autocad DXF Format Design File
Jetson TK1 PCB Mentor PADS ASCII Format Layout

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There's a new Wiki page about creating a minimal OS Jetson TK1 using Busybox

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e-con Systems tested 7 of their USB 3.0 cameras on Jetson TK1, and posted a tutorial showing how to compile a custom Linux kernel that supports their cameras. (Or you can just use The Grinch kernel as shown at "")

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A Jetson TK1 based stereo-vision robot by GE IP and a Jetson TK1 based stereo-vision automated pan-tilt tracking camera, being demoed at Maker Faire Tokyo

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Great application of a Jetson TK1: replacing a 65W 3KG laptop with a 9W Jetson TK1, making it much easier for blind people to carry!
#JetsonTK1 #Tegra #K1 #Linux

Initial port of our Transformative Reality (TR) code from a backtop system (Laptop in backpack) to the Nvidia Jetson devkit (Tegra K1).

Everything runs in real time (30FPS frame rate). Code was refactored and modified to run across 4 threads. Also uses a few GPU functions via OpenCV4Tegra.

Compared to our previous laptop system, power draw is down from 65W to 9W. Much more light weight, 3kg to 120g (sans battery).

Looks promising for our mobile Simulated Prosthetic Vision user trials and non-invasive assistive systems, like our ISWC work:

More info on Transformative Reality here:

Video for poster submission to GTC 2015. More details and videos to come :)
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