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Mustafa Azizi was an attentive and personable sales man. He took me out on numerous test drives and talked me through the positives and negatives of each car. I originally came in from Manhattan to look at this used BMW that you had on the lot. I found the listing via web search through car gurus and ebay. (I think Mustafa actually is in charge of posting everything or running your web listings and ebay.) I liked BMW but wasn't thrilled. Mustafa listened to my critique and then helped pointed me towards a couple of different options he thought I might prefer. Subsequently, I ended up purchasing the first car he suggested to me, a great, certified 2010 Audi A6 that had everything that attracted me to the BMW and compensated for the factors that fell short for me. The only criticism I have is not of Mustafa but of his co-worker (or boss?) Joe (last name Dimissi?), the finance manager. At the end of my second visit to Lynbrook from the city, Mustafa and I sat down to negotiate a price. We were literally within $400 of a deal when Joe got involved. Joe's demeanor was instantly antagonistic, accusatory, and aggressive. He basically started yelling at me and my wife and insinuated that we were trying to pull something. Joe then insisted that Mustafa print out two pricing sheets that he claimed proved the car I was purchasing is really only for sale at $4,000 OVER THE LISTED ONLINE PRICE! The second sheet was what he would now sell it to me for ($1000 under the price Mustafa and I were at) but NOT CERTIFIED. I would like to point out there that this car was/is listed as a pre-owned certified and that Mustafa and I had been discussing the item along those lines. I informed Joe that I had not been discussing an uncertified vehicle and wasn't going to buy one. He then again insinuated how my wife and I were trying to pull something and grumbled something about $4000 marked up price. I said I'm sorry you feel that way, shook Mustafa's hand and left. Deal over. Done. I went back to NYC (ps i do not have a car, so traveling back and forth required borrowing friend's car and taking the train). A few days later, as a result of the relationship that Mustafa had built with me (and only because of this) as well as his correspondences over email and text that I considered bringing my business back to Audi Lynbrook. Again he was attentive, understanding, and informative. As a result, he and I negotiated a deal on the Audi... on one condition, that I be able to come in, sign papers, and pick up my new car as long as Joe was NOT PRESENT. Without Mustafa's work and persistence, this sale would not have happened. Mustafa picked me up from the train station (on my now third visit), took me through the car explaining everything, and guided me through the paperwork in a wonderfully expedited process. I'm thrilled with the car, and would send somebody back to you guys, but honestly only to Mustafa. If he were to leave and Joe were to remain, I would warn friends away. That all being said, thanks to Mustafa for persevering. I'm thrilled with the car.
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