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suzette james
Wedding & Portrait Photographer, Homeschool mom, Jesus follower
Wedding & Portrait Photographer, Homeschool mom, Jesus follower
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Meet Mika, a three year old Shih Tzu rescued from the streets of Baton Rouge, LA. When Mika was found she was skin and bones. Her fur was full of mats and fleas. She was cold, hungry and homeless. We took Mika to the veterinarian to get a full work up and to see if she was microchipped. No chip was found. No one in the area seemed to even be looking for a lost Shih Tzu. We believe Mika was purposefully dumped out on the streets. Why? We believe it's because she has cataracts at such a young age. Because Mika was left out to fend for herself, she also contracted heart worms. Mika is undergoing a slow kill heart worm treatment and is making great progress! We have taken care of Mika's medical bills this far but we need your help!

Mika cannot see!! Mika has cataracts in both eyes and often times runs into doors and walls. We desperately want to improve her quality of life since she is such a young dog, but because she has cataracts in BOTH eyes, the surgery will be costly. She is the sweetest, most loving dog and is happy to just sit next to you and nap as long as you are there with her. She gets along well with children and other pets. It is a shame that she was dumped on the street because of her condition.

Won't you help Mika by donating towards her surgery fund? EVERY LITTLE BIT WILL HELP!! $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, it does not matter. You can even help by sharing Mika's GoFundMe campaign. I will make every effort to update you through this process if we get to our goal.

Mika, and our family will be so grateful for your generosity!!
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