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I'm sure since it says HSPA+ it will eventually land on T-mobile
I know people bitch and moan how expensive Verizon is, but I tell you that I have moved to a 3rd state in the past 5 years that i moved to, I never had an issue with cell coverage and data coverage. The speed of 4G can not even be matched to any other carrier, you are doing yourself a favor by switching.
I'm looking at plans, a comparable plan is $40 more before taxes.
It's a hefty premium believe me, but as much I go between states traveling. I absolutely love it, been with them since 2004.
But I don't travel. When I do, it's to major cities and coverage is not an issue.
Then you are better off waiting if that's the case, because it will launch to other carriers. It will be exclusive for a little while at Verizon.
What does unlimited mobile to mobile text messaging mean? If I text a mobile phone or verizon only?
Really, text messaging is the kicker here.
Clarify your answer, So I text marc on Tmo, does that count as a text message, or is that considered mobile to mobile?
No, because he isn't a vzw customer. This is all from vz to vz text and calling. Unless they have something new where you can text other numbers outside vz network
Yeah I'm in the same boat about Verizon. They have awesome coverage but that's a huge jump in price from tmo.
I think we should get on a family plan together.
Yeah, it's a little easier on my wallet because I get an employee plan working for Motorola, but regardless it's still expensive plan. Also, another problem for you guys coming in, is that you will not have an unlimited plan, it will be capped to 2GB. Honestly, I do about under 2 anyway, but for tethering, it can be a bitch.
Dave investigate corporate discounts - there's got to be some way to get a cheaper price. And Murali I checked last month I was at about 3gb data so I'd get screwed on that too (without much tethering).
Marc, you realize how much faster internet you'd have on your phone of your home bullshit? That thing would never be on wifi. Don't worry, I got a girl checking prices for me too.
Tethering is a bitch. I was in Verizon store over the summer, and this guy was tethering, and of course it was capped. In any case, he was tethering for WOW and had an excess bill of $9,000, i dont know that was BS or not.
If that is true what a horrible reason to go over.
But yeah I hear good things about the LTE I just will be curious how it will affect battery life on this phone.
It won't be great, It's good thing I ahve a power strip next to me at work, and will be charged most of the time while I drive.
Verizon 3g is still probably better than AT&T and Sprint
I think it's faster on ATT but good luck with that coverage. At least with Verizon 3G, i get it even in the remote locations of Wi.
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