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This was the first thing I saw this morning. Is ahead of the curve the cheap shot?
Apparently it is, this sucks...I'm not getting any work done. I need some confirmation this bad boy is coming to Verizon and I'm all over it.
I need confirmation that it'll be going on Tmo. I wonder if they're going GSM and CDMA.
Damn you murali! I saw this last night and realized I hate samsung. Not only do I dislike their attempt at slick marketing I also think HTC + Google are way closer to cookies and milk then them and their bastardized touchwiz.
Do you not feel the same animosity towards sense? BTW this is dubbed as a pure ICS device.
Murali I hate all things not stock on Android - so Sense sucks too. But at least Sense looks good. Touchwiz looks like shit.
LOL are you guys not getting any work done like me???
Seriously I have to walk away work is lacking today. I'm just still so pissed about the last 24 hours.
You never answered me as what your expectations are? If what apple announced really made you upset.
Internally I'm fine with the dual-core A5 (barely) but I would have minimally liked to see 1 GB RAM, a better front camera, and a larger screen.
I don't really get why you're upset either. Your apples bitch. You take what they hand with your only options being Gee Bees.
This is seriously the first time I can think since the iPod was invented that Apple is letting the pack run in front of them just to make more $$$ on a iPhone 4 reboot before they invent something new. That really pisses me off.
What about iPhone3G to 3Gs? Gave you a better camera, the ability to cut and paste, and more Gee Bees.
Marc, we're back to specs again, and you claimed that blog sites and people like Dave and me only care about it, apparently this is how apple fans feel the same. Wasn't it Steve Jobs who said last year, that no one wants a larger screen? that it was absurd to make a screen bigger than 3.5" ??
Murali do you want me to be fired? :) And Dave 3G to 3Gs was bullshit too, it just didn't matter then because they had no competition. Now they do, time to do what they do and set the standard. Yesterday is the first time I feel they failed.
What about iPhone, 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4s. It took 3 years to redesign the thing and came up with a phone that was compared to the Galaxy S. And by comparison is a brick. What type of magic you waiting on?
The same magic they've been using since 2001 with the first iPod. Problem is the overseer of magic has left the building.
Soooo, if the keynote was completed by a guy in a black turtle neck things would be better.
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