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William Rogers
I'm alright. I guess.
I'm alright. I guess.

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My podcast network is now officially on Google+! If this place isn't just full of ghosts, make sure you follow!
Saddle up and tell your talking bird to zip it! A new episode of our podcast Book Club Shmook Club is online with the first half of Stephen King's The Gunslinger!

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Hey guys, I wrote a crazy post about the upcoming movie based on Ouija boards. Check it out. And click around on that site for more! It's the home of my podcast Will and Bobby Know Everything, and there's a link to my personal blog in the bar on the right! Bookmark the page and spread the word about WBKE if you like it!

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Kaboom! New blog post! Read it and attempt to enjoy it!

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Just wrote a post about two horrible dating experiences of mine. One was the girl's fault. The other...was mine.

How come Doc was always so concerned with Marty's family? He could have prevented wars. Also, in the sequel, in 2015, Marty's son will be convinced to commit a crime, which then sets off a chain of events destroying Marty's whole family. So Doc travels to 1985 to get teenaged Marty to save his son. Why didn't he tell 2015 Marty to be a goddamn father and set his kid straight?

I just got caught reading a Dilbert at work...

I might hate Nicholas Cage's son as much as I hate him.

Pull up your pants, Cool Guy, or I'm going to pull them up for you!

The internet is just Earth's intranet

I can fold my pants into a swan.
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