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On the 11th of September we will be running an event along side of the JSFEST.BERLIN week of events called the Extensible Web Summit - Berlin. The W3C is supporting this event with hosting generously provided by Beuth University. Lunch sponsorship will be provided by Google.

Who should attend? We would ideally like to pack this event with platform developers, framework developers and web developers with an interest in helping to drive the future of the web platform.

The event is free, but you must register on EventBrite if you wish to attend.

#webdevelopment   #webarchitecture   #webstandards  
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Sounds awesome! I don't think that's a trip I'm going to be able to make though- I hope some means is provided to still get some of the experience for those unable to attend.
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Comic book fans, listen up!
Alan Moore, the creator of iconic graphic novels such as Watchmen, V for Vendetta and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, is spearheading a new comic book app that will double up ...
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ooh I have hundreds of old Marvel books. They are supposed to be my pension fund!
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When I use Chrome on IOS with "reduce data usage" (comtent-compressing SPDY-based proxy) turned on, I get multiple conflicting responses about what my IP address is and where that address is located. Google search results indicate "". This is also the address reported by "" ("the IP address experts since 1999") who also correctly place my location in London and my ISP as BT. They also report my proxy as " [a somewhat problematic ipv4 address] Chrome Compression Proxy." shows my address as "", my location as Kilwinning, Scotland and my ISP as "Google." shows me at "". shows me at and hazards a guess that I'm in the USA. The somewhat whimsical thinks I'm at "". says "" and thinks I'm in California. My actual public IP address (reported by my router) is (currently) "".
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Great video explaining the current US #netneutrality  imbroglio. Watch it and take action.
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Hear me talking about web standards, security and #http2  with +Jemima Kiss on +The Guardian Tech Podcast (my bit starts at 27:25 but the rest of it is quite good as well :) ).
The open-web advocate and early web pioneer Daniel Appelquist discusses the future of the internet with Jemima Kiss
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Daniel Appelquist

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Chrome Canary has an experimental implementation of NetInfo API! ... And we're looking for feedback! Instructions to give it a try:

- Boot up Chrome Canary (works on mobile Canary as well)
- Enable chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features

API, use cases, and Chrome design docs:

Question: is it worth exposing more information about the type of cellular (and other) connections? E.g. HSPA vs LTE, 2G vs 3G vs 4G. If yes, how would you use it? Concrete use cases would go a long way here! And if not, why not?
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Daniel Appelquist

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OpenTokRTC on the android store!
WebRTC based video chats. Quick, simple, and based on the OpenTok platform...
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Firefox OS 1.3 is out
Mozilla today released Firefox OS version 1.3 to its partners for implementing in their smartphones. There are many new features for both users and developers, and the first phone to ...
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I'm going to be on a panel discussion tomorrow talking about the opportunities for developers in the "Internet of Things." I'm wondering if there are any success stories people would especially point to where connected Arduino (either with the GSM shield or some other way) played a role in the development of a product or was incorporated into a product?
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Interesting subject, I would like to hear some stories too...
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Open Web Advocate at Telefónica Digital
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Daniel Appelquist on web modernisation and net security

The open-web advocate and early web pioneer Daniel Appelquist discusses the future of the internet with Jemima Kiss

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