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Daniel Appelquist

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Learn about Samsung Internet (web browser), progressive web apps and web & VR in this video of our talk from Samsung Developer Conference! #sdc2016
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Wonder why the FT are interested in next generation mobile web browsing? And does this mean Google will not be taking such a leading role in the Android browser development?
Great talk by the way. :-)
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Daniel Appelquist

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So pleased that the CoderDojo at our Over the Air event this weekend was written up in! Nice! #ota15  
How do you get the younger generation interested in coding and computer science? In 'the good old days' the charge was led by the home computer brigade of the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, and BBC Micro. Today the charge in the UK is being led by the BBC micro:bit, and this weekend's Over The Air hackathon provided an opportunity for young coders to experience the embedded system.
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Daniel Appelquist

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Making a Google Plus page for +W3C TAG for some reason.
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Daniel Appelquist

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Web developer in the Bay Area? Interested in the future of the web platform? Join us in San Francisco on April 20th for the Extensible Web Summit - a one-day unconference about the web platform and emerging web standards. Learn, discuss, feed back and help evolve the web.
Web Developers, Web Platforms, Web Standards
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Daniel Appelquist

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Our March #FirefoxOS meet-up will be the week after Mobile World Congress and we're going to focus on new platform features, announcements from MWC and the commercial info on the continuing Firefox OS roll-out: OEMs, handsets, markets, operators, and routes to market for developers. We'll also have some lightning talks from developers and demos. Speakers to include Simon Callan from Telefónica and +Francisco Jordano from. We'll also feature some lightning talks from developers and at least one cool demo. Sign-up on our meet-up page to attend:
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Daniel Appelquist

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Keybase: Reinventing PGP For the 21st Century?

Let's face it, PGP is pretty old school. It's like pocket-protechor old-school. I've personally taken several runs at trying to get PGP up and running. The problem has always been: once I get PGP working, there's nobody to send encrypted email to. PGP just has never had enough scale to get even close to mainstream. Enter keybase, which is trying to revolutionize the way people use and think about PGP with a friendly web site and integration into services such as Twitter, reddit and github. I finally cajoled an invite out of a friend today and have been giving it a whirl.

My first impression is that Keybase does not entirely solve the problem of making public-key encrypted email work better. For one: if you want to incorporate PGP email into Apple Mail, you still have to download and install GPG tools, and the command line keybase tools (which require Node and NPM). And though there is some integration between the GPG tools and the Keybase tools, it's fiddly and requires lots of command line usage (e.g. to make sure people you "track" on the Keybase web site also have their public keys imported into your GPG keychain so you can send them encrypted emails from within Apple Mail. AND you have to use GPG tools to manually add additional email addresses into your key, if you generated the key with Keybase. So that's a pretty high bar if you want seamless PGP email from the desktop. I haven't even tried to get it running on any of my mobile devices yet - which will definitely mean moving to a new email client (or just not being able to access encrypted emails on mobile, which is not ideal). There's a lot of work going on to remedy these issues if the github issue threads are any indication.

What Keybase does allow you to verify PGP signatures without physically validating fingerprints in person, though proofs you add to your social networks.

Anyway, I now have some keybase invites. If you would like one, please message me in some way and have a look yourself.

#blogthis #pgp  #keybase  
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I like "old"  the new email program sucks!
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Daniel Appelquist

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Is this thing still here?
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+Daniel Appelquist, you post once every three months, we're all here. There's an audience for longer posts than you can do on Twitter and a lot of tech-oriented people would like to read them. You're into "emerging technologies"; so are we: VoIP, IoT, WebRTC and all the rest. A lot of the people that make these developments happen are around, too. Then there's the Hangouts, like our weekly Friday +Voipusers TV Hangouts, at 5PM UK time (12 Noon EST) featuring a lot of UK people who are in those very areas of real time communication, the RTC of WebRTC. That community is a place where people connect to share ideas. A few have even been hired through our conference, now in its ninth year, going on 5 years on Google+, 199 Hangouts on Air.
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Daniel Appelquist

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Are you all still here?
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Daniel Appelquist

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Ever wonder how JPEG image compression works? Of course you have!
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Daniel Appelquist

commented on a post on Blogger.
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Another related link: The "STRINT" workshop that I was talking about at the beginning of the discussion: - worth a read through of some of the contributions there.
Daniel Appelquist, who describes himself as an "open web advocate", joins us to talk about TLS on the web: some good reasons for using it and the common objections to it. As someone with a very wide experience in IP and network communications, a session with Dan and our VUC regulars should be excellent! Dan is also a co-chair of the W3C Technical Architecture Group (W3C TAG). The TAG is a special working group within the W3C, chartered (under the...
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Daniel Appelquist

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Watch me - LIVE - talking about the rise of encryption on the web-n-stuff this Friday. CF the slides I presented at last week's London Web Standards event:
Daniel Appelquist, who describes himself as an "open web advocate", joins us to talk about HTTPS on the web: some good reasons for using it and the common objections to it. As someone with a very wide experience in IP and network communications, a session with Dan and our VUC regulars should be excellent!

Dan is also a co-chair of the W3C Technical Architecture Group (W3C TAG). The TAG is a special working group within the W3C, chartered (under the W3C Process Document) with stewardship of the Web 

#vuc526   #MoreCrypto  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by IP Communications & VoIP Community. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
#vuc526 - MoreCrypto Series - Moving the Web to HTTPS
Fri, January 30, 2015, 12:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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+Dan York was kind enough to place links in the comments of the event.
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  • Vodafone Group Plc
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    CTO, 1999 - 2000
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    Director of Engineering, 1995 - 1997
  • Visix Software
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  • Torgo Ltd.
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  • Samsung Electronics Ltd.
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Great, friendly service and funky atmosphere. They're always nice to kids as well.
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Waiter who greeted us was very rude. There were many vacant outside tables and he claimed there were none. He could have simply said "sorry those are reserved" but choose instead to speak in a condescending tone to us when I queried this. We left.
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Great food and great customer service are the hallmarks of this local favourite, also known for their selection of guest ales.
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Crunch help me get my Ltd company started and their service and support have been invaluable to me both through the set-up phase and in ensuring success of my business.
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