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Sriharish Pingali
I am obsessed with White Collar and YTF.
I am obsessed with White Collar and YTF.

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People don't seem to understand the difference between a prediction and what you want. For example, in the Super Bowl between the Saints and the Colts, I wanted the Saints to win, but my prediction was the Colts. 

Superbowl predictions? My top 3 teams for nfc are packers, 49ers and seahawks. And top 3 for afc are patriots, broncos, and texans.

My two favorite teams face next week on SNF: The Patriots and the 49ers.. this will be a good one.

Seriously!? Hawks win 58-0, but golden tate only gets me 0.6 pts?!?! wth?!

It won't be hard for the 9ers to #beatmiami  

This week I'm against someone with no QB, no defense, and 2 players that have scored 0 points every single week.

Patriots or Texans? 

It doesn't really matter who wins the election. The world is gonna end in a month anyways #election2012  

two weeks ago they all won, but this week the cardinals, pats, and 49ers all lost. :(

+Bijoy Shah we were talking about you in math yesterday. we decided that you should make a mascara commercial someday.
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