fixed audio on the +OPPO find5, that was the last major bug. Now i just need to work on some awesome paPrefs defaults, test the radio and clean up all this spaghetti code. Alpha build on friday. 
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+Aaron Gascoigne SD card or SIM card? Oh wait, nevermind, I gotcha.....Will you post it up here or on XDA?
+Aaron Gascoigne how are you handling bug reports/tracking? I have it installed but right now I'm not having luck with data working. Wifi, yes, data, no dice. 
+Aaron Gascoigne I set the APN's the same as I had them on my Nexus 4. I actually had a tricky time getting the new APN to stick but now it seems to want to stay. I'm guessing you're going to be the sole person working on this?
OK. I'll keep using it and submit bugs to the color me paranoid site. Thanks again.
+Aaron Gascoigne I hate to keep bugging you dude but are you going to start a thread for this somewhere, either on XDA or the OPPO forums? I'm just curious in case people have questions, etc. about this. One thing off the top of my head is the dual boot animation but I don't want to go and post reports if you already know about this stuff. Thanks!
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