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Aaron “aaronpoweruser” Gascoigne
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I made a thing.
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I heard the software is pretty good. Too bad it doesn't work on Verizon or I might get one.
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Many are wondering why we implemented the cm theme engine instead implementing our own.

We opted for the cm theme engine to maintain compatibility with all the theme existing themes and to make the lives of androids wonderful designers easier. We are here to advanced android for the community not to fragment it.

P.S this is by far one of our most stable releases a lot of work went in to it and I'm truly proud of it.
4.4 BETA1

On this week’s dose of awesome sauce from PA Headquarters. We are proud to bring you Theme Engine, a stable Hover and a bunch of fixes. Hats off to CM, Clark Scheff, Andrew Mast and Sony mobile, for their work on Theme engine Truly outstanding work. Porting it to an AOSP base was a massive effort, lead by +Carlo Savignano. We tried to do it in a way so that it can be easily ported to other AOSP based ROMs for the benefit of the entire community. We are also proud to mark Hover stable, after many betas and three rewrites. We apologize for all the betas, but we really wanted to try to get this right, we encourage you to compare this build to beta 1, some major improvements have been made. The lessons learned here means more/quicker awesomeness in the future.

With Google IO only a month away we are nearing the end of Kitkat, but that doesn't mean development is slowing down. Our team is comprised of numerous students and with school ending we are now doubling down on making PA awesome, we plan to finish strong and have a few Major projects to release that we have been working on internally for quite some time. Awesomeness is coming :)  

P.S. This is still 4.4.2. We have merged and are testing 4.4.3 internally but it was released too close to our release to allow enough time for adequate testing. 

P.S 2 Like the Themes shown off in the image below they were made by our own +Matt Flaming  and  +Lo Huot  and are available on the play store (PiazzA will be available soon). Show them some love.

- Translated into over 30 languages!
- Backported numerous fixes from AOSP master.
- Improved quicksettings.
- Removed lockscreen blur feature in favour of custom lockscreen background from Theme Engine (it will come back as a component of theme engine in the future).

Theme Engine
- Bring full CM11 theme engine. (First AOSP based ROM!!)
- WARNING: Home button gets refreshed only after reboot or by force killing SystemUI  if you want to  a avoid reboot. Will be fixed in next build.

- Stable status!!
- Removed Jank (its a technical term)
- Fixed remaining bugs, including spam and invisible notifications.
- Fully working and improved inCallUi.
- Restored default swipe to dismiss behavior. An upcoming swipe up gesture will let you dismiss hover as was replacing the old behavior.

- Fixed immersive API Thanks for the developers who helped diagnose the issue
- Vastly improved triggering, and allow you to trigger from any area on the edge on tablets.
- Pie now rotates like the navBar (will appear on short edge).
- Enabled pie only on immersive mode enabled by quick settings tlie (not in app immersive).
- Fixed AOSP immersive bug issue where apps would register a touch when swiping statusBar and/or navBar.
- Fixed numerous freezes.

WARNING: We recommend a clean flash this time due to massive changes



Kraken Icon Pack:

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hey please i request you to design the paranoid for the galaxy s5 exynos variant that is G900h still it does not have any rom please it's a request 
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Nice to see people take notice
Initial thoughts on Hover:
If you actually had the epiphany from the release of Hover that I did then quit reading now, if now... continue, please continue:

As a Google Fanboy, as a Android Geek, as a CrackFlasher, I am always looking for the abundance of features. If not to show off to my friends but, out of curiosity for what the future actually holds as software and hardware merge into something incredibly useful; in my hands, on my wrist or strapped to my head like Giordi Laforge's visor - I am sincerely in love with concepts that float around the topic of futurism.

Google's Ceo has said numerous times that he believes technology should show up in life when you need it, and then vanish out of the way when you are done with it. Google's Googliness shines bright in this way throughout their UI/UX in all their projects and today, the Paranoid Android Team have done the same. 

The previous Halo feature has been enhanced in a way that requires less thumb-work. No more chat-head like bubble to swipe on and off the screen clumsily. This feature has been so polarizing, the halo-haters, the lovers and, the indifferent. 

Hover is a landmark for the PA Team
Though the previous builds have expressed their desire to not only focus on cramming features into a ROM, they also realize the importance of negative space; whats left out is just as important.

Hover allows the user to see and take action on a notification like Halo but, in a way that keeps the mess and frustration out of it. There is no selling the idea to your wife or friend anymore... Now FLOATING ALL THE NOTIFICATIONS above your primary task at hand is simple. No ninja-mode, no bubble with a mind of its own. NO MORE LEARNING CURVE. 


My applause to you +Paranoid Android 
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+Andy Schilder I'm not upset or anything. Just thought I could mention that there are some flaws at the moment. I never really liked Halo, but Hover is great. 
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How I feel trying to code right now 

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Ohohohoh welcome back* Aaron. Just remember. 1 line of code per day :D take it easy.
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How I feel working on Hybrid 3

#stayparanoid   #aospa   #paranoidandroid  
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Lol. Waiting patiently for your magic.👌
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Have him in circles
1,582 people
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I'm in Barcelona for #Mwc15... Come hang out with me for some drinks tonight! Ping me for details 
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+Hernán Castañón Álvarez
please when you meet +Aaron Gascoigne​ ask him where the next built 5.0 alpha we are waiting 😜
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Nexus 6

"shamu_defconfig: Remove ROW, set CFQ default

IO patterns seen with ROW IO scheduler can expose bugs in eMMC
firmware.  Avoid these by using CFQ scheduler."

Sure this is a proper fix"
shamu_defconfig: Remove ROW, set CFQ default IO patterns seen with ROW IO scheduler can expose bugs in eMMC firmware. Avoid these by using CFQ scheduler. Signed-off-by: Chris Fries . arch/arm/configs/shamu_defconfig[diff]. 1 file changed ...
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Eagerly waiting for Parandriod Android custom ROM in English for Xiaomi note 4g........
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This release has me all. #stayparanoid  
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Eagerly waiting for Parandriod Android custom ROM in English for Xiaomi note 4g........
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I completely agree Qualcomm and thus arm is the incumbent in the mobile world. An OEM isn't going to want to have to go through the cost of switching architectures.
"It is not enough for Intel to offer an Atom chip that merely breaks even with Snapdragon — it must blow Qualcomm completely out of the water."


I have gotten into several heated discussions here on G+ about Qualcomm vs. <whoever> and I pretty much universally side with Qualcomm.  Whoever I am debating with always likes to throw out 'but what about X' and back it up with some stats from somewhere.  'But the Exynos Octa (barely) out benchmarks the comparable Snapdragon.'  'But the Intel chip is going to node-drop faster.'  'But Marvel is building their own integrated baseband chips now too.'

It's not that the naysayers' points don't have merit.  It's that none of those points matter in the least.  Qualcomm is the dominant player in the SoC market right now.  Supplanting that does not require building a product that can evenly compete with a Snapdragon chip or even one that can narrowly outperform that Snapdragon chip.  It requires building a product that destroys the Snapdragon on multiple fronts.  And nobody can do that right now.

On that front, people like to talk about what these other companies will be doing soon.  But that is really not good enough either.  The fact that Samsung or Intel plans to release a product 6-months from now that actually can significantly outmatch the Snapdragon chips that are in devices right now is only relevant if you assume that Qualcomm has no plans to continue innovating in the future.  Obviously that is not going to happen.

And the biggest problem at this point is not just the ability to produce a product that is better performing than a Snapdragon.  I mean, that has proven to be a problem in that nobody can do so, but even if they could, the bigger problem is simple inertia.  If you want a smartphone OEM to chose your SoC instead of Qualcomm's, not only do you need yours to outperform the Snapdragon in every way, but you need to have it do so by such a margin as to make it worth the OEM's time (and money) to throw away their institutional knowledge of integrating their devices with Snapdragon chips and start from scratch with your new product.  And no company can come even remotely close to that bar right now.
Over the last couple of weeks, I've spoken to executives from both Qualcomm and Intel about their future efforts in mobile. Both companies, as you'd expect given their almost diametrically opposed backgrounds, are taking very different approaches. Here I investigate Qualcomm's efforts, which focus on hammering home its advantage in highly integrated and efficient mobile platforms.
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Brian Z
They missed the biggest reason.

Qualcomm has the modem space on lock down. Performance / integration is not what's keeping it out.

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When I see a new android studio update and think its a good idea to update and all the gradle files in my mult-library project decide they don't like the idea.   #pixelpushing  
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As we say in Spain (I literally translate it, I don't know the phrase in English): If something works, not touch it.

Edit: What is better: Eclipse or Android Studio? I usually work with Eclipse at university, but I want to know if there is a big difference.
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A view from the other side. All roms should be working at this level. We are at the point were roms are not for the power user. We are establishing identities. We are on the verge of another computing revolution.

We have our Microsoft, who will be our apple?
This week I decided to try something new. I went to the +CyanogenMod offices in Seattle and spent some time with the Oppo N1 CM Edition, and learned about the development and support process from the guys who have been working on it. 

Even if you're not interested in the N1 as your personal phone, I think you should take a look at what these guys are doing because they are not slowing down even a little bit after this is officially released. 
How do you go from being a group of developers spending their free time playing with an open source OS aimed at making phones do cool new tricks, to the team responsible for [...]
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That is a good one. Who will be the next Apple?
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A 9-4:20 day
preface I started the day at 92‰

Many people have been complaining about the battery life of the nexus five. It is not at bad as you think this isn't the nexus of your.

I tried to delegate every task I could to the nexus 5 as a true stress test. I used it for about 20 google voice messages. Exchange email and streaming Google music. The statistic show the cpu time not the in app time. I listened to about four and half hours of music. Remember this is streamed so the phone has to download every song, as you see that adds up to about 500 mb, making my thankful for Tmobile unlimited data.

To further stress the battery i was on data all day in a office building far from the ideal scenario, in data searching for networks is the most battery intensive operation a phone can do. Despite all odds the n5 never lost signal were my previous phone would. And despite the coverage never dropped below 3g (need to be sure that's enabled), it jumped between 3g and hdspa it even found lte a few times. And just cause I left blue tooth on all day, not connected to anything.

I Spent about 45 minutes browsing the Web and playing with auto awesome movies (just as awesome as promised). And the device never got hot or shuttered. One curious thing Is that my wifi shows as being one despite me turning it off (android periodically turns wifi on to get location data, this can be disabled in settings).

This is from 92% - 14% due to my phone slipping of my wireless charger which is simply amazing (the phone does get warm). So, it's not hard to imagine on a full charge you getting another hour or two. This is not bad, remember the nexus 5 has a 2300mah battery not a 3000mah one like I'm the g2. That's 25% more or in this case another 2-3 hours . The nexus 5 is .2 inches smaller than the g2. The battery simple has no where to go. A g2 is slightly bigger than a nexus 5 battery but not any thicker. Overall I am more than happy with the performance and can easily imagine getting through my average day.

Tl;dr you will get through most days. 
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Now go fire it up on some LTE data and see how it does.. It's a lot worse than HSPA+.
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Have him in circles
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