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Susan Arthur
I see things differently when I have a camera in my hands.
I see things differently when I have a camera in my hands.

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Movie Marathons
What a perfect day for a movie marathon. I don't believe my hubby has ever sat in one place with me for 12 hours to watch the entire season of anything. But today he did!   "Making a Murderer" (on Netflix) has been the hot topic of discussion at work and on...

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When All is Said and Done ~ End of May Life List
Looking Out My Window Nothing but blue skies and smooth sailing. We are officially into summer weather now. Thank kuriste, as my husband would say. In our parts, we probably won't see rain until October.   As I Ponder The weekend was one whirlwind  event a...

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529 Working Days
That's right. I've got 529 official working days until I throw in the towel on this work thing. I have been thinking about retirement every single day since my good friends from high school have been ribbing me about it.  I know I should be happy about it b...

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Women Helping Women - A Post Mother's Day Life List
Looking Out My Window Sunshine. Beautiful sunshine.   As I Ponder The last 7 days have been a huge emotional roller coaster for my hubby and me. The mother of his children had been on hospice care since Christmas and she reached the end of her life this wee...

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New Day, New Week: A Life List
Looking Out the Window Clear, blue skies! We had a huge lightening and thunder storm blow through here Thursday night that was spectacular but it dumped a bit of rain in its path and a cold air trailed it. This week promises warmer temps all the way up to 8...

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May Day, May Day ~ Life List
Looking Out My Window We are going into the 90's this week. My kind of weather. Too bad I'll be sitting behind a desk but the good news is that it is perfect weather for being outdoors after 5.   As I Ponder I had a great weekend. Saturday was spent all day...

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What Makes Your Soul Smile?
On my recent trip to Nashville, I learned a bit about the music industry that I may have not otherwise learned had it not been for my friend Caroline's husband, pictured below. We got to sit in his recording studio Mainframe Recording Studio  for about 20+ ...

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W is for Waffles #AtoZChallenge
Our grandkids used to come spend a week at spring break and another week in the summer at our house. I loved it because we could get crazy with cooking things they chose. This day, we made waffles with store bought cinnamon rolls. You can see they met his s...

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V is for Vino on the Vine #AtoZChallenge
Washington and Oregon have been made famous for their wines. Before I moved to Washington, I had never seen a grape vine. There are miles and miles of grape vines in our area which makes for fun photography. It's exciting to watch them grow in stages throug...

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There's No Place Like Home: April 2017 Life List
Looking Out My Window The wispy clouds are providing a backdrop for a beautiful sunrise. We're expecting big winds today but at least it is not raining at the moment.   As I Remember   Last week was spent in Nashville with two wonderful friends. It's hard t...
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