I meant to ask about this before, but I never did.

One of the things that I think is lacking from Fate is an "attaboy" reward system.

In most games that use some form of Drama Points, the points are awarded when the player does something awesome, or some how makes the game better. Maybe they role-played their character particularly well. Maybe they come up with a brilliant plan. Maybe they just made me laugh.

Now, I feel rather strongly that we should reward desired behaviors. If we want good roleplaying, we should reward it. If we want everyone to have a good time, then when someone does something that improves everyone's enjoyment, they should be rewarded.

So, it seems a bit odd to me that this is missing from Fate.

The whole Fate point economy is built around the idea if aspects,  compels and to a lesser extent concessions. Technically, we shouldn't give out fate points for any other reasons. However, part of me really wants to.

I've "given in" at a few con games and reverted to passing out fate points as generic rewards. It seemed to work very well, but I'm not sure how disruptive it would be in a longer-termed campaign. In particular, if compels aren't the only way to get fate points, players may be a lot less willing to accept (and in some cases actively seek out) compels.

Does anyone else struggle with this.Has anyone found any good solutions? Do you stick to the rules when giving out fate points, or are you more free with passing them around? How has it affected your games?
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