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Hi guys, I hope all is well.
+Melissa Alysania and +Douglas Jaarsma, you guys mentioned the name of a pond store last year.....what was the store name? Thanks!!!

I am hoping for some guidance that will point me in the right direction regarding balancing inventory with an expiration date.
I looking to know how many of each 'flavor' I have left in inventory and the expiration dates of the inventory
All items received are time stamped and I capture the expiration date (ie. qty 300 exp_date 7/04/14, qty 200 exp_date 7/14/14) 
All orders processed are time stamped (qty 200 6/27/14), so I could sum up the orders processed in a given day/week or whatever.
How would I begin to set up a solution (temp table, query, or something else) that would identify and display that I have qty 100 w/ exp_date of 7/04 and qty 200 w/ exp_date of 7/14 from the above example for display real time.
Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Can anyone just tell me if the below table (t5) is possible?? Can I have a condition in the WHERE clause of t5 from t4?

UGGGGGGGGG, I am not even sure if this is possible......

(SELECT orders.model, sum(orders .quantity) as 'sumM', sum(orders .ord_qty) as 'sumO'
from orders where orddate>date_format(IFNULL(t4.date_inventory,'0000-00-00'), '%y%m%d')
group by model)t5

That's all I can say about #GoT  

lvl 8
Pottstown to Paoli

Hope my enlightened playmates have had as much fun as I

Has anyone found an app that will allow to use the created dropdown boxes in excel?

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The Battle of #ingress   Philadelphia rages on but a massive offensive took place today thanks to our brave #ingressresistance   fighters. 

Very much like the Revolutionary war days....we know how that turned out ;)
..fight on fellow #resistance  members

Wease from the Resistance here. I am pretty much of a newbie, only lvl4, but I mainly look out for the malvern-Pottstown area

Note to those with "a rats nest" behind their entertainment centers"....
1) Yes HDMI cables either work or do not work
2) but the real difference is in the shielding,

 I just found this out the hard way after two days of trouble shooting. I experienced 'flashes' on my screen. I thought it was the new GTV but it turns out to be interference into the cable.
Good thing I had new ones from my favorite online retailer, their Basics brand...woohooo. They work perfectly!

Hisense question......
Has anyone set a static IP address? The 'Set' button is grayed out for me
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