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Robin Vansal
A Sketch artist, a blogger, designer, Anime&Manga Artist, a friend, call me whatever you like...
A Sketch artist, a blogger, designer, Anime&Manga Artist, a friend, call me whatever you like...
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A very happy women's day to all women!
Thanks for all love, patience, kindness and hard work.

Please can anyone give me the link for the "Classical" River flows in you Track...I only find concert and stage performances...

The Classical version has a Tensed bridge in between

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Korean Movies, endearing and highly emotional
And the music is truly what it should be. Melodramatic!

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Robin Vansal commented on a post on Blogger.
I'd like to share just two things
> Unfortunately the Font-face is just so unappealing ! :(  but,..
> Fortunately that's not affecting the way it works !!!
I must say I loved the earlier design much, much more

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Seiko-chan (the one in Blue) was very hungry for the day, so she ate her snacks before time. As a result, Mom punished her for doing so and hung her outside the house. And afterwards, she’s gone shopping, but oh! It’s started raining. Poor girl! But what…

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Hi folks! Today the 17th is my birthday. Happy weekends!

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Coming up with an Artwork soon...

Hello Guys! Just to keep you in the loop that the next artwork will be published soon, so it will be worth the wait! Sorry for the latency. Thanks to all my followers! Love. Robin

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Tunes for you to hear this Monsoon...

Some songs, which, according to me have the best renditions in this season of rain! Have a pleasant time relishing them as you drift in the presence of the soothing aroma of raindrops! [Hover for lyrics:) SOME BROWSERS MAY SHOW LYRICS with  &  TAGS on…

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Death in the Month of Songs

Know that the poem is translation is Translated from Serkonan, and this is the translated version, which the Game mentions, quite a proof you'll fail to grasp some of the meanings. But if you do discover them, you could feel free to talk! What are you…

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Hello lovers, just hit a Milestone!

Thanks for loving robinsimpressions more and more. I was away from WP for a good 3 days and I see that, I hit a milestone of having 61 Friends in my Community! Thanks for your love, it’s just what keeps me going. Besides, sorry for not interacting with…
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