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Five Steps to Walking with God
It's really very simple to walk with God..... 1.  Believe and receive the deep and unchanging love that God has for you.  His love for you never changes regardless of your ability or inability to "keep the rules." 2.  Receive God's forgiveness for all of yo...

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East and West
I’ve been taking some classes at an online Seminary for the
past four years, and one thing that I’ve learned is an appreciation for the
writings and theology of the Eastern Orthodox Church.   Up until my early 50’s I had not been exposed
to the Eastern Orth...

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Meditation on Christ in the Wake of the Orlando Shootings (June 2016)
Christianity presents to us a God who does not coerce others or control humanity...Instead He attracts followers by the beauty of his humility and by the spectacle of his self-giving love.  He empties himself of magnificence to become a simple Jewish peasan...

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Summary of the Bible Message
Here is a good exercise for my fellow followers of Jesus.  Can we summarize the message of the entire Bible in 200 words or less?  This is great to be able to do when sharing your faith with someone who is not a believer in Jesus.  The message of Jesus real...

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Last Days or Kingdom Age?
Within evangelical Christian circles these days I
often hear the statement that “time is short – we are in the last days you
know!”    Some Christians spend a great
deal of time studying “end time prophecy” and looking for “signs of the end” in
current even...

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Playing some blues guitar at the Cisco Christmas party in 2002.

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The Gospel of Jesus and the Gospel of Paul
Have you ever noticed that the message of Paul in
the letters to the churches is somewhat different from the message of Jesus as
recorded in the four gospels?   Paul
focuses on the theme of justification – how a person is declared righteous
before God.    J...

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